Pose:  A Dancer’s Guide to Making the Most of their Photos

By Alisha Westerfeld, Dawn Devine,
Sara Shrapnell, and Poppy Maya

Coming Fall 2019
Available in Print, Kindle,
and Printable PDF formats
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I’m so pleased to be elbow’s deep on this new book project, “Pose: A Dancer’s Guide to Making the Most of their Photos.”  I had so much fun working with Alisha Westerfeld, Sara Shrapnell, and Poppy Maya on our seminal text, “Becoming a Belly Dancer: From Student to Stage” that we’ve joined forces on this new project.

Are you ready to up your photo game?

We’ve pulled together our varied experiences to create a helpful guidebook to help you get your best photos!  This book includes our top tips for planning and preparing for your next photo session.  We include tips for selfies, self-direct photos, working with amateur and professional photographers.

Posing for Photos is Part of the Belly Dancer Skill Set

Students of dance love photos to document their journey and share with their friends and families.  Rising stars require quality images to begin building a portfolio of promotional images.  Professional quality photographs are essential for pro dancers and teachers who need aspirational photos to demonstrate each facet of their business, style of dance, and costume choices available for their clients, customers, and students.

Chapters Include

  1. Identifying Your Needs
  2. Types and Styles of Photos
  3. Research and Planning
  4. Costume and Makeup Prep
  5. Strike a Pose: Face Mastery
  6. Strike a Pose: Full Body
  7. Strike a Pose: Working with Groups
  8. Selecting your Photographer
  9. Post-production
  10. Targeting Websites and Social Media
  11. Image Selection for Professionals

Thousands of hours of experience boiled down into one handy reference!

About the Authors

Alisha Westerfeld is an avid traveler and enjoys shooting nature, cities, events, and her favorite subject, belly dance.  Her photographs have been featured in digital publications as Amabella Magazine and Gilded Serpent.  Her published works include “The Cloth of Egypt: All About Assiut,” “Teaching Belly Dance,” “The Belly Dance Reader,” “Zills: Music on Your Finger Tips,” and most recently “Becoming a Belly Dancer: From Student to Stage.”  Visit her galleries to discover more of her outstanding photography.

Dawn Devine is best known for her numerous books on costume design, including the best-selling “Embellished Bras” and the groundbreaking “The Cloth of Egypt: All About Assiut.”  When she’s not writing books, making costumes, and teaching dance, she manages this website, preferably while sipping coffee and petting one of her cats.  Find out more about Davina here.

Sara Shrapnell is an instructor, performer, and author who has taught belly dance on two continents.  She has written for numerous magazines, and countless websites, and has authored two books.  “Teaching Belly Dance” is the definitive guide for instructors at all stages of their craft.  She lead the team that put together the book “Becoming a Belly Belly Dancer: From Student to Stage.”  This textbook was designed for students of dance who want to progress from classes to performances and beyond.  For a complete bio of Sara and her achievements, visit her website for more details.

Poppy Maya is a professional belly dancer who’s performed on three continents. She is also an accomplished made-to-measure costume designer.  She was cover model on “Becoming a Belly Dancer” and our new book Pose. She has spent hundreds of hours in the public eye both on stage and in front of the camera making her insights on the art of posing invaluable.  Poppy is currently on sabbatical from dance as she focuses on big new projects.



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