Hello Gang!

My latest book is available in digital form and includes the conceptual framework for thinking and planning your next belly dance ensemble or an entire wardrobe. These are the key principles that I teach in classes and workshops but have never really written down before now.

Get your members discount copy of my costuming manifesto  “On Belly Dance Costuming

  • 37 page eBook
  • 5 Principles of Belly Dance Costuming
  • Strategies for using Wardrobing Techniques
  • Budget saving methods
  • Tips for caring for your investment

Thank you for joining me in the Studio Davina Behind the Seams group. Pick up your discounted copy via PayPal for only $3  (Regularly $8)  Check your email tonight for a link to download your .pdf.

Send $3 via PayPal to info@ibexa.com

Thank you!
Dawn Devine ~ Davina
Sept. 3, 2019



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