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Research Tools

For all of those researchers out there, who are working on essays and articles, here are some of my best resources and some notes on how to use them.


This is my working bibliography, full of books that I have found useful in the course of my research. Many of these books are long out of print and my personal research focus has been on ethnographic costumes and textiles. -- Read More

Research Guide

So you have a bibiliography and are getting ready to hit the library. Here are a few guidelines that I've put together to help novice researchers get started in their own process. -- Read More

Internet Resources

One of the best aspects of the internet is the amount of information that is readily available in the comfort of your own home. One of the worst aspects is that the sheer volume is amazing and there is no quality control. The information can range from well researched and documented essays to random thoughts and opinions presented as facts. Here is my own list of things to watch out for when performing internet research. -- Read More


Have you ever wondered what a Thobe is? There are so many specialized words in the Middle Eastern dancer's vocabulary. This glossary is part of an on-going project to build a reference tool for studentsof the dance. -- Read More