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Color Theory with Pencils & Mandalas – $11.99
Color Theory with Pencils & Mandalas is an introduction to color theory for colorists of all levels. More than a coloring book, this workbook is a self-contained mini course. It introduces the basic principles and elements of design, then presents a series of exercises to help the reader discover new ways to choose and use color in their artworks. This hybrid coloring/workbook will speed up your art process, helping you to think like a designer and increase your efficiency by providing design templates to color. Easily experiment with color without having to create original illustrations. More than mandalas, this book is filled with a wide variety of images based on designs from around the globe.
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The-Cloth-Of-Egypt-Front-Cover-S The Cloth of Egypt: All About Assiut – $34.95
The Cloth of Egypt: All About Assiut is the first book of its kind to document and celebrate the supple and sparkling fabric known today as assiut. This single-stitch metal embroidery technique originated in Turkey, but transformed into a distinctive textile tradition in Upper Egypt during the 19th century. This book, will entertain and educate anyone interested in its history, legends, wear and care. Vintage clothing collectors, textile historians, and belly dancers will all find inspiration and information about this sometimes mysterious, yet always beautiful assiut cloth.
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Zills: Music On Your Fingertips – $22.95
Zills: Music On Your Fingertips – All About Finger Cymbals is written for the belly dancer who’s looking for concepts, ideas, and information that will help them take their zill playing to the next level. This book is broken down into six sections that focus on different aspects of the zill playing process.
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Becoming a Belly Dancer: From Student to Stage – $42.95
Becoming a Belly Dancer is a stagecraft handbook that provides valuable information, learned-in-the-trenches tips, and guidance for belly dancers who are ready to take the step from student to performer.
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Embellished Bras: Basic Techniques – $22.95  
This book provides in-depth instruction and useful advice that guides readers through the process of turning a store-bought lingerie bra into a fabulous costume piece. This easy-to-follow four-phase process is presented through graphic step-by-step photographs and illustrations. You’ll learn how to make a bra cup pattern, cover the bra and straps, and embellish with fringe, bead work, appliques and jewelry.
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Skirting the Issues and Pants for the Dance – $22.95
Dawn Devine ~ Davina has combined volumes 2 and 3 of her Belly Dance Costume Essentials series into a single edition, Skirting the Issues & Pants for the Dance. Designed for dancers, designers and costume makers, this book offers hundreds of ideas, tips and hints for crafting original, beautiful and well-constructed belly dance attire. This book is lavishly illustrated with instructions for how to take your body measurements and draft your own custom fit patterns.
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Costuming from the Hip Costuming from the Hip – $22.95 
The book that started it all. The comprehensive reference for all types of Middle Eastern dance costuming. Dancers, costume makers, designers, and historical re-enactors will like the over 200 illustrations, historical patterns, construction techniques, and hundreds of hints and tips. This book will take you step by step through measuring your body, researching your costume, laying out the patterns, fitting it, and accessorizing your creation.
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Bedlah, Baubles and Beads – $22.95 
This book focusses exclusively on the “cabaret” style so common in the United States. It is about designing and crafting the elaborate bra and belt sets worn by these belly dancers. Contains hundreds of tips, hints, and directions for making contemporary belly dance costumes.
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From Turban to Toe Ring – $22.95 
This book explores the various layers and elements that compose the tribal style costume. From jewelry and cosmetics to cholis, skirts, and pants, this book is loaded with directions for designing and making the garments described in the book. With over 300 illustrations and step-by-step diagrams, this book is an essential addition to the reference libraries of costumers, teachers, and tribal style dancers. Not just for costumers, it also contains costume parts and pieces that can be used to make ensembles suitable for dancers who just want a more folkloric, historical, fusion, or Gypsy look.
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Coloring Book #1 Belly Dance Costumes to Color – Free download for all newsletter subscribers
This eBook is filled interesting information and stunning line drawings for you to print out and color with marker or pencil. More Info…
Hints & Tips – Free Download 
by Dawn Devine ~ Davina.
This booklet is designed to provide some solid basic information about dance costuming. Hints & Tips is a collection of my top-tips for dancers. Tips cover the breadth of the dance world, from how to select your costumes to caring for your dance wardrobe. We hope you enjoy this booklet. More Info…
Gloves and Gauntlets – $5.00  
A sewing pattern by Dawn Devine ~ Davina
If you’ve ever been frustrated by poorly-fitted off-the-shelf gloves, you can create your own stretch gloves or gauntlets from this easy-to-use pattern. Contains variations to make short (wrist length), elbow-length, and opera-length gloves, gauntlets, and sleeves. Printed on sturdy paper. The instructions also show how to attach fringe and other embellishments. More Info…