Who’s That Girl in Assiut? Lina Murari

Isn’t this a lovely vintage photo?  I picked this up off from an ephemera dealer in a virtual antique mall and thought she looked stunning.  Of course, I picked up this postcard for the beautiful shawl.  When I got her home and did a little research, I discovered her tragic tale.

Lina Murari – Italian Silent Picture Actress

Lina Murari was a stage name for the titled aristocrat Countess of Santa Fiora di Padua.  Her husband and her separated, leaving her destitute and struggling to make it as an actress.  Though she was quite beautiful, her voice wasn’t very strong.  In a time before amplification, this left her with few performance opportunities.  However, she did appear in several silent pictures in the early 1920s. 

“Hissed to Death?”

There is little information about this actress on the web.  However, there are some conflicting stories of her date of death.

Legend says she died from an overdose of Veronal, an early barbiturate used as a sleeping aid, after being “Hissed to Death.”  After a particularly bad performance, an audience booed and hissed her off the stage.  The theater owner fired her and she went back to her room in despair and took a lethal amount of her medicine.  

Other sources have pointed out that she appeared in Florence in several performances after an attempted suicide.  Perhaps an Italian archival researcher will one day find the answer.

Whatever the truth might be, she was an undeniable beauty, and I’m happy to have this postcard to share.

Happy Dance and Costuming,
Dawn Devine ~ Davina
October 13, 2021

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Yallah Raqs Podcast – New Episodes for 2021!


The Yallah Raqs Podcast is BACK!

One of the best and most useful freebies offered by Tiffany Noro and her team over at The Bellydance Bundle is the Yalla Raqs Podcast.  Each year, Tiffany interviews her participants on the topic of their Bundle offering.  As I post this there are 72 episodes to listen to from past years and this new season!  

Yallah Raqs: Informative and Entertaining

What I love best about the podcast is the way Tiffany connects with these dancers and creates a warm and supportive atmosphere to have deep juicy conversations. I like to listen to them while I’m taking my daily walks.  There is something special about listening to talented dancers talking about their passion and point of view that is so inspiring to me. 

Yallah Raqs 67: Aziza on Veilwork

During the 2010’s I had the amazing opportunity to take workshops with Aziza when she visited the Bay Area.  I’ll never forget her 20min shimmy drill!  But when I think of Aziza, I think of her amazing command of the veil. 

In this podcast, she shares her origin story with the veil.  Aziza also talks about her transition from being a touring star to a weekly dance instructor and how she has shared the art of the veil with people throughout the world. 

Listen to Episode 67 on your favorite podcast feed

Yallah Raqs 65: Rosa Noreen on Turning

If you’ve been following me for any period of time, you probably already know of my deep admiration for the style, grace, and flow of the incomparable Rosa Noreen.

In this episode of the Yallah Raqs podcast, Rosa Noreen discusses some of the key muscle groups that are used in turns, body alignment, and control of turns.  She pulls knowledge from her ballet training to apply to improve belly dance techniques.  I’m really looking forward to taking her class in this year’s Bellydance Bundle.

Listen to Episode 65 on your favorite podcast feed

Yallah Raqs: Past Episodes

This is the fifth year I’ve been invited to join the Bellydance Bundle team!  I was included in two podcast episodes during the past two bundles.  If you are interested in catching one of check out these two blog posts:

But there is so much more amazing content, discussions, and insights with top teachers from around the world.  If you haven’t checked out the Yallah Raqs podcast, I highly recommend giving it a listen.  Start from one of the links above, or go directly to the Yallah Raqs podcast main page and pick the topics and instructors that appeal to you most.  

Be sure to join the Yallah Raqs Podcast email list for future episodes.  I’m looking forward to a future interview with Tiffany on my talk for the Bellydance Bundle 2021 entitled “Danse du Ventre:1889.”   If you’re subscribed to her newsletter you’ll get informed when my podcast episode goes live. 

Bundle Season is so much fun!  Now I’m off to listen to more podcasts,
Dawn Devine ~ Davina
Oct. 8, 2021

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October Challenges: #vlogtober & #21daysofbellydance


Two October Challenges

Hello Gang!
I Just wanted to pop on to share some upcoming projects that I’ll be doing during the month of October!


Every year for the past decade, I’ve taken on a challenge for the month of October.  Some years, it’s been Inktober, a daily drawing challenge.  Other years, I’ve devoted time to #Preptober, the lead-up challenge to the November Nanowrimo.

Daily Vlog Posts on Instagram

This year, I’ve chosen to do a month of mini-vlogs on Instagram for #vlogtober 2021.  Every day throughout the month, I’m going to record a one-minute video and place it on my feed and in my Stories.

Follow me on Instagram to watch the mini-vlogs

My goal is to get warmed up for making video content!  I’m preparing to record a bunch of history workshops and sewing demos in the coming months.  Having a challenge like this keeps the creative juices flowing.

The Bellydance Bundle 2021

Of course, you may have already read that I’m participating in the Bellydance Bundle 2021.  The Bundle team has invited me back for the 5th year, and I’ll be presenting a 90 minute workshop entitled “Danse du Ventre: 1889.”  But along with the Free Dance Tracker to download, and the podcast coming soon, the Bundle team are hosting an event on Instagram too!

#21daysofbellydance Challenge

The team at the Bellydance Bundle is also hosting a #21daysofbellydance challenge.  Each day, a different member of the Bundle 2021 instructor team will be presenting mini-challenges on Instagram.  You can participate as much or as little as you like, but for those who are dedicated, there are prizes at the end.  You can learn more about this challenge series on the Bellydance Bundle website.  It’s a ton of fun!

Perhaps you will join me in taking on a challenge, or just enjoy the fun of the journey!   

See ya over on Instagram, 
Dawn Devine ~ Davina
October 2, 2021


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