Raqs Talks Interview


I was aboslutely THRILLED to be invited to chat with Faizah and Perizaad on their new YouTube channel “Raqs Talks: Belly Dance News and Reviews.”  These two ladies were so warm and welcoming, asked some great questions, and we had some laughs. This talk is a little nerdy, a little silly, and a bit uncensored!!

Watch the talk below – or head directly to YouTube to check out this interview

You can find Faizan and Perizaad on the “Raqs Talks” Facebook Page – and I encourage you all to visit their YouTube channel, and subscribe.  They are an emerging new voice in belly dance media and can use our help growing their YouTube channel.

I’m really looking forward to future interviews!
In the meantime, I hope you enjoy our talk.
Dawn Devine ~ Davina

Ps:  The Bellydance Bundle 2020 sale ends on Wed. Oct. 25.  As I write this, that’s TOMORROW!  If you want to enjoy an informative talk with me and some of my heroes like Morocco, Sahra Kent, Terri Allred, Sara  Shrapnell, Katie Sahar, Keti Sharif and many more, follow this link to reserve your copy!

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Catch the Yallah Raqs Podcast

Episode 39 – “Mad About Maud” 

As part of the build-up to the release of the Bellydance Bundle 2020, many of the contributors were interviewed on the Yallah Raqs Podcast.   I’m featured in Episode 39 and Tiffany Noro interviews me about why Maud Allan is so important for belly dance costume historians. If you enjoy my talks, be sure to check it out.

Bellydance Bundle 2020
Goes on Sale – October 21 – 28
Sign up for their mailing list by following this link.

I really enjoy participating in the Bellydance Bundle!  It’s one of the highlights of my year because I so enjoy picking up my copy and spending the year soaking up the knowledge through all of the workshops, lectures, and reading printable .pdf’s.   It’s like attending the BEST belly dance convention from the comfort of my own home.  Unlike an in-person festival with multiple tracks of programs where you have to strategically choose which workshop to take, you have a year to work through every component of the Bellydance Bundle.

The Bellydance Bundle 2020 has an impressive contributor line-up. I feel honored to be included with such an illustrious group.  Many of my mentors, scholars I revered, and dancers I’ve admire are part of this year’s bundle.  This year, the Bundle is broken into three parts.  There is a dance series, a lecture series, or you can get both as a complete package.  I’m part of the Lecture Bundle, and am offering a workshop entitled “Mad About Maud: Salomania & the Birth of Bedlah.”  This is my current research project that will eventually lead to a belly dance history book.

When you consider everything you get at one price, the bundle is an amazing value. There are a whole host of freebies that you get just from joining their mailing list including a series of great informational .pdf’s – even if you decide the bundle isn’t for you, I encourage you to sign up to get the amazing .pdf  “How to Get the Most Out of Online Classes.”  This ebook is a compilation of tips contributed by us participants including me!

Thank you for supporting me in my research projects! 
Happy dance and costuming!
Davina ~ Dawn Devine

ps: Need more info?  Click on the Image Below!

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Assiut Mask Makes TV Appearance

Over the past few months, I’ve been making and sending assiut masks made from scraps and pieces of past projects.  It’s been a lot of fun – and a lot of work – but I’ve run out of scraps and pieces.  I might make some more masks in the future, but I will have to invest in more assiut before I can make more.

In the meantime, I’ve been having a blast looking at the dancers who have posted photos of their new assiut masks on Instagram, Facebook, and one even made a TV appearance!  Here’s Mahin owner of One World Dance & Music Studio in Phoenix being interviewed by AZTV channel 7 wearing one of my purple assiut masks!  If you haven’t signed up to receive Mahin’s Bellydance Quickies, follow this link to enjoy her curated content that’s a mix of dance-demos, vintage videos, DIY’s, informative blog posts and more.


I’ve really enjoyed collaborating with Mahin as part of her lecture/workshop series and I look forward to working with her in the future!  It’s so great to see her dance studio being featured on local TV.

Take care and be well!
Davina ~ Dawn Devine


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