Costumer’s Notes Bi-Monthly Newsletter

The Costumer’s Notes Newsletter is a bi-monthly newsletter for belly dance enthusiasts and costume makers. Each issue includes information about my current and upcoming projects. 

  • Studio Davina updates
  • Most recent blog posts
  • Notifications of my in-person and digital events
  • Information on upcoming books and publications
  • Links to information about sales, bundles, and classes

Plus – Curated Links from Around The Web

I really enjoy sharing interesting and thought-provoking content. Costumer’s Notes Newsletter includes a curated list of links to informative and entertaining resources I’ve been enjoying around the web.

  • Belly Dance and Costume Blog Posts
  • Inspiring and Informative Newsletters
  • Digital Magazines Articles
  • Instructional, Inspiring, and Entertaining Videos
  • Links to digital Workshops, Classes, and Events 

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