Welcome to Studio Davina! This is the official home of author and costume designer Dawn Devine aka Davina. This site is dedicated to the art of crafting the look of the belly dancer!  I am the author of several books on designing and making belly dance costumes including, Embellished Bras, Costuming from the Hip, From Turban to Toe Ring and Bedlah, Baubles and Beads. These books contain information and directions for creating beautiful dancewear. 

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Assiut Virtual Holiday Market 

Assiut Fans Facebook Group

Each Monday from Nov. 7, 2020 through January 1, 2021, we are hosting an Assiut focussed Holiday Market in our “Assiut Fans” Facebook group.  Our mission is to support our community by offering a space where sellers and buyers can connect!  Each week, we will post an image – and dealers can comment with their listing.  New products and dealers every week, so come join the fun!   

Assiut Face Masks on Etsy

Over the summer I spent three months converting my epic pile of assiut leftover pieces and scraps into beautiful practical face masks.  In this era of social distancing, it’s nice to be able to wear a mask that coordinates with your costume, coverup, or just because you’re a fan of assiut.

I ran out of scraps before I ran out of people interested in picking one up.  After a ton of emails, messages, and DM’s I decided to buy some more modern assiut shawls and have begun making and selling small batches of assiut face masks on my Etsy store.

If you are interested in picking up a hand-made assiut mask from Studio Davina, check my Etsy store and follow me on Instagram or Facebook where I’ll make restock announcements.

“On Finger Cymbals”

An hour-long talk with Sara Shrapnell and Dawn Devine ~ Davina
Why did I write the Zill Book?  What do information do I share with every student?  What are my best strategies for playing and performing wearing finger cymbals?

This FREE TALK with Sara Shrapnell over on the Belly Dance Business Academy!
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I’ve got a little troupe that meets via Zoom for practice – and someday when the world changes – we will take the stage again.  In the meantime, we’re working on new combos and costumes!
Here’s my latest group of proteges and I performing on Sept. 30, 2018.
For more information on working with me, send me an email at davina@davina.us.

Digital Class: 5 Layers of Belly Dance Appearance

I’m pleased to have joined the faculty of the Belly Dance Business Academy.  My first class is entitled 5 Layers of Belly Dance Appearance and it’s free!  This class presents my core approach to discussing belly dance appearance into layers working from the inside out. This framework makes it easy to analyze a performance ensemble and communicate about costuming needs.  This system really works!  This class is great for teachers communicating with students, dancers talking to troupe mates, or performers discussing their next look with a troupe. Click here to take my new free class!

Don’t let the word “Business” in the Belly Dance Business Academy fool you!  This organization serves the educational needs of dancers at all points of their dance journey who are looking to take their dance education to the next level. It’s free to sign up, and each of the faculty members offers one or more free classes.  This gives you an opportunity to get a feel for the instructors so you can make an informed decision about buying an individual class or workshop, or a complete course bundle. Visit the site for more details.

Coloring Book by Dawn Devine ~ Davina

Belly Dance Costumes to Color by Davina

This downloadable coloring book is filled with interesting information and stunning line drawings of contemporary belly dance costumes to print out and color with marker or pencil. This eBook is available as an exclusive gift for my newsletter subscribers! Simply sign up for the bi-monthly Costumer’s Notes Newsletter!  (Subscription Box is at the top right!)  Do you make your own dance costumes?  Are you a dance teacher looking for tips and ideas to share with your students?  Sign up today using the Box top right – just below my blue-turbaned smile.

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