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This is the official home of author and costume designer Dawn Devine aka Davina, a site dedicated to the art of crafting the look of the belly dancer. Hi, I’m Dawn, and I’m the author of books on belly dance history, practice, and costuming.  If you are looking for something quickly, here’s a quick list that will take you where you want to go.

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History Article in Sept. Issue of Fanoos Magazine

Check out this quick little article about one of the vintage postcards in my collection. In “Danse Arabe – A Postcard from Egypt,” I share the origin of this popular photograph.  Who took it?  When was the photo taken?  When was this postcard printed? Click here to read this short, but informative article to learn more.

Monthly Classes with Dawn Devine

Wanna study with me via zoom?  Each month I am teaching three classes, live via Zoom on my Patreon Page.  There are three tiers of classes, that are as affordable as they are informational. If the technology all works, the replays will be available in the ever-growing library of past presentations.

How does my Patreon work??

To join me for my classes, choose your level of participation for the month and become a Patreon.  Each tier includes the class below it.  So if you sign up for the $3 class, you get one. Sign up for the $7 class, you get that level plus the $3 level – or two classes.  To get all three, sign up for the $15 lecture level. 

Then, each month, you will receive an email alert to a post early in the month with the schedule, class topics, and descriptions.

On the Monday of the classes, you will receive an email for each class/tier that you’ve chosen.  These posts will include the zoom link to the live talk. 

Have questions about Patreon?  Message me on Patreon for more details.

The Cloth of Egypt: All About Assiut Book Cover

Belly Dance Books
by Dawn Devine ~ Davina

My book titles include the best-selling “The Cloth of Egypt: All About Assiut,” “Zills: Music on Your Finger Tips,”  “Becoming a Belly Dancer, From Student to Stage.” 

Belly Dance Costuming Books: I have also published several books on designing and making unique and beautiful belly dance costumes.  My titles include Embellished Bras, Costuming from the Hip, FromTurban to Toe Ring and Bedlah, Baubles, and Beads. 

Glove Pattern:  Making custom gloves and gauntlets to go with your dance ensemble?  I have a printable
Gloves and Gauntlets” pattern is available on my Etsy Store.

Sewing Business Log:  Keep your own creative business humming with this organization and data management system.  Available as a digital download.

“Studio Davina – Belly Dance Mini-Magazine”

“Costumer’s Notes,” my long-time newsletter has gotten a bit of a glow-up for 2021. Over time, I’ve grown to think of this publication as less like a newsletter and more as a mini-magazine.  In the past few years, I realized that the email newsletters that I personally enjoy the most, contain links to curated content. 

Over time, my bi-monthly releases were getting longer, and longer still. After polling folks over in my Facebook group, I decided to switch to shorter, more frequent releases.  Throughout 2021, we’ve gone monthly. 

We’ve also changed the name to “Studio Davina: Belly Dance Mini-Magazine.”  It is the same great mix of belly dance-focused content.  My newsletter includes links to blog posts, and upcoming events, as well as 7-10 curated links to great content around the web. 

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Swirl – Studio Davina’s Performance Ensemble

Swirl, my little troupe is currently on hiatus. Here’s a video of a fun performance with me and my group of proteges from Sept. 30, 2018. 
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