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Welcome to the official home of author and costume designer Dawn Devine aka Davina.  This site is dedicated to the art, history, and techniques for crafting the look of the belly dancer.

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In 2024, the Blog features articles related to my current research, writing, and design projects. This year I’m celebrating the 30th anniversary of my first book “Costuming from the Hip.” As I work on the rewrite and expansion of this book, watch for more posts on the writing life. Read the latest blog here.
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Books and Publications by Dawn Devine aka Davina

Belly Dance Books & Publications
by Dawn Devine ~ Davina

You can find my books available globally via
For customers in the US, you can also find my books and more publications in digital download format on

Current Book Titles in Print:

  • Cloth of EgyptAmazonEtsy
  • Zills: Music On Your FingertipsAmazonEtsy
  • Becoming a Belly DancerAmazonEtsy
  • Embellished BrasAmazonEtsy
  • Skirting The Issues & Pants for the DanceAmazonEtsy
  • Costuming From the HipAmazonEtsy
  • Bedlah, Baubles, and BeadsAmazon – Etsy
  • From Turban to Toe RingAmazon – Etsy
  • Color TheoryAmazon – Etsy 

Printable Patterns and Publications by Dawn Devine available on Etsy:

Products available on Etsy: 

Etsy is the home to my storefront where I sell digital products, print publications, and host quarterly drops of hand-crafted belly dance accessories.

Glove Pattern:  Making custom gloves and gauntlets to go with your dance ensemble?  I have a printable
Gloves and Gauntlets” pattern is available on my Etsy Store.

Sewing Business Log:  Keep your own creative business humming with this organization and data management system.  Available as a digital download.


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“Costumer’s Notes,” my long-time newsletter has gotten a bit of a glow-up for 2021. Over time, I’ve grown to think of this publication as less like a newsletter and more as a mini-magazine. 

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