Studio Davina Monthly Lecture Series on Patreon

Studio Davina Now On Patreon:
The new home for monthly belly dance and costume history lectures!

Over the past three years, I’ve had the goal of releasing a monthly lecture each month somewhere in the digital world..  Since 2020, I’ve been enjoying presenting a wide range of subjects at digital events, as hosted workshops, and via the Bellydance Business Academy.  

However, in October, the Business Academy has gone into legacy mode and is now dormant.  If you already own a class, workshop, or lecture, you can still access it on the site.  However, new content will not be uploaded and new students will not be able to enroll. 

After much soul-searching and intensive research, I’ve decided to continue my monthly lecture series in a new home on Patreon.

Three Tiers – Three Monthly Talks

Each month, I’ll be sharing a talk for each of the levels.

  • $3 – This is the “Coffee Club” Patreon level is an informal talk each month while chatting with a friend, collaborator, inspiration, and maybe you!  These conversations live on zoom and then are available for replay.   These are also unedited, so be prepared for some wackiness!
  • $7 – At this Patreon level, “MIni-Workshops & Demos” you get access to the “Coffee Chat” as well as my DIY presentation for the month.  This is the level for creative folks who are interested in attending a live short design class via Zoom or catching the demo as a replay.
  • $15 – The “Lecture Series” level includes the things listed above as well as a monthly live or recorded slide-history talk ranging in length from 45 – 60minutes.   Each of these lectures is available for three months.  The goal is to have three talks available each month.

November 2021 on Patreon

November is underway at the time of this writing, but here’s what’s happening this month.

$3 – “Coffee Chat” replay coming soon! 

Last week I was joined by one of  my long-time costuming collaborators, fiber artist “Nancy Hay” to take a walk down memory lane and look at some of my non-belly dance costuming work.  We talk about costume contests we’ve won, the books we’ve worked on, and more. 

$7 – Costuming Demo – “Modern Assiut Plan & Prep” – Live on Monday, Nov. 22, 6 pm PT via Zoom + Replay

This month I’ll be sharing a costume that I’m about to make, and I’ll take you on the first step of the journey.  I’ll introduce you to my design method and approach, discuss sourcing modern assiut, and the steps I go to prepare the cloth before the cutting begins. 

$15 Level – Mad About Maud: Salomania and the Birth of Bedlah

“Mad About Maud” is a three-part lecture series about Maud Allan, was the “Queen of Salomania.”  Maud was one of the key influencers whose image contributed to the development of the formula for show-girl glam style of belly dance costuming.  

Mad About Maud is Three-part series and each video is approximately 45-50 min long.

  • November – Part one: History of Salome – Setting the Stage
  • December – Part two: Maud Allan – A Life in Dance
  • January – Part three: Maud Allan – Birth of Bedlah

“Mad About Maud: Part 1” –  November Belly Dance History Lecture on Patreon
Nov. 15 through Jan. 31, 2022,

“Mad About Maud: History of Salome – Setting the Stage” is a 55 min image-rich slide talk that traces the development of Salome from a historic figure, through her depictions in Biblical retellings, through her transformation in the 19th century into a


   is available starting Monday,

   November 15 through January 31, 2022,

   on the “Studio Davina Patreon Page”


Studio Davina Patreon – December

  • $3 – Coffee Chat – Guest, Time, and Date TBA – First half of the month – live via Zoom + Replay
  • $7 – Costuming Demo – “Line and Drop” bra embellishment formula using assiut. Date and Time TBA – live via Zoom + Replay
  • $15 – Mad About Maud Part II – Maud Allan – A Life in Dance – Pre-recorded history lesson –