Studio Davina Monthly Lecture Series on Patreon

Studio Davina Now On Patreon:
The new home for monthly belly dance and costume history lectures!

Patreon is now the home of my monthly lecture series!  Each month, I’ll be presenting three talks related to my current research, writing, or costuming projects.  Throughout 2022, I’m working on the production of the next book, “Belly Dance Costume in Detail with Assiut.”  

Thank you for supporting my work!  Follow this link to join me for my next talk:





Three Tiers – Three Monthly Talks

Each month, I’ll be sharing a talk for each of the levels:

  • $3 – “The Coffee Club” — At this Patreon level, you will get access to a monthly informal talk each month. while chatting with a friend, collaborator, inspiration, and maybe you!  These conversations live on zoom and then are available for replay.   These are also unedited, so be prepared for some wackiness!
  • $7 – “MIni-Workshops & Demos” At this Patreon level, you get access to the “Coffee Chat” as well as my DIY presentation for the month.  This is the level for creative folks who are interested in attending a live short design class via Zoom or catching the demo as a replay.
  • $15 – “The Lecture Series” level includes the things listed above as well as a monthly live or recorded slide-history talk ranging in length from 45 – 60 minutes.   Each of these lectures is available for several months, with a new monthly offering.