Belly Dance Bundle 2023 – The Belly Dance Historian’s Tool Box

“The Belly Dance Historian’s Tool Box” 

90+ Minutes • Pre-recorded workshop in three parts • A $75 value!

Course includes a .pdf handout with active links to Davina’s favorite
digital archives around the globe and a replay of the history talk “Danse du Ventre: 1889”

During this deep-dive, nuts-and-bolts slide-history presentation, author and archival researcher Dawn Devine will share her research methods and the tools she uses.  Using beautiful images, case studies, and original research, Dawn covers the theory, process, and most importantly the tools that historians use to source, collect, store, and retrieve historical data. No matter if you’re writing for social media, a website, a class, or even a book, this three-part course will help you make conducting original research faster, more productive, and more useful!

Workshop Available in December via The Belly Dance Bundle

The Belly Dance bundle goes on sale Nov 2 – 11.
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