Costume Planning Sheet: Tool for Designers

March 25, 2013

One of the most useful things in my arsenal of tools is my Costume Planning Sheet.  This is the place where I record details about each project I work on.  I record the name and contact information of each dancer, title of the costume, materials, embellishments and a sketch.  I also make notes as I […]

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Assiut One Slice Swing Vest

March 15, 2013

Making a simple and easy vest out of an assiut shawl One of the most simple, easy and affordable items to make out of a standard assiut panel is the One Slice Swing Vest.  This graceful waterfall style of vest works best when made from cloth with intrinsic stretch.  Assiut, with it’s strong hexagonal structure, […]

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Belly Dance Belt Tutorial

March 8, 2013

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of working on a dance costume for one of my models, Shalimar, for an upcoming performance in Las Angeles.  We were under a deadline, and I had to crank out the outfit soup-to-nuts in 2 days.  Since I’ve been working on the step-by-step construction portion of my upcoming book, […]

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Essential Pattern Making Tools

November 2, 2012

Essential Pattern Making Tools This fall I have taken in two new apprentices, Poppy and Misia. They are learning sewing, pattern making and design techniques.  One stitch at a time we are working on collaborative pieces, that employ the subtle nuances of building a well crafted belly dance costume.   They are learning that a big […]

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The Cloth of Egypt – The Storyboard

October 30, 2012

Story Boarding The Cloth of Egypt I’m a one woman shop and I wear a lot of hats.  One of my least favorite hats to wear, (aside from bookkeeper, which just sucks) is that of book layout and production artist.  I know, I could hire someone to do this, but since I’ve spent all my […]

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