Women’s History Month & Belly Dance History

March 8, 2019
Lys and Lyn Jamal

March is Women’s History Month Hello there!  Today I’m doing something a bit different.  In honor of International Woman’s Day, which falls in Women’s History Month, I’m sharing a bit of belly dance history each day over on my FaceBook page. I’ve decided to put up five posts this month that round up those entries […]

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Golden Goddess Belly Dance Costume part 3 – Building the Structure

March 5, 2019

Take Measurements Once I’ve collected all the materials and supplies together, I reconnect with my customer for a fresh set of measurements. I also take any specialty measurements that are unique to this particular costume. I use a ready-made client measurement sheet that I label and date. When I’m finished with the project the measurement […]

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Golden Goddess Belly Dance Costume – part 2 – Sketches and Illustrations

February 25, 2019

This is part two of a multi-part series where I share the design and construction process for a glamorous show-girl style costume I’m calling the “Golden Goddess.”  If you haven’t checked out part 1, you might want to go here to start this series from the beginning.  To start at the beginning of this series […]

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Golden Goddess Costume – Part 1

January 9, 2019

After taking a month off in December of 2018, I’m now diving back into a project that I began last summer.  I sometimes am asked why I need so much “lead time” to make a costume, and the answer is simple.  Everything takes time.  From designing the initial concept to meetings, fittings, patternmaking, and sewing, […]

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January 2019 – 30 Day Makeup Challenge

January 6, 2019

Over the past three years I’ve been having fun participating in an annual 30-day makeup challenge. This year, I’m tackling a 30-day Makeup Challenge during the month of January.  I spotted a fantastic prompt list over on Instagram created by Florida based dancer, Amani Maharet. I love following her Instagram feed and though I wasn’t […]

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