Belly Dance Designers I Follow on Instagram

August 18, 2023

Five International Belly Dance Designers on Instagram Next time you pick up your phone to go for a scroll through Instagram for visual ideas, check out this inspirational collection. This is a group of belly dance costume designers from around the world. Each of these talented women is an accomplished designer.  These costume makers offer different points […]

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Assiut Posting Party

August 15, 2023

Assiut Posting Party – August 15 – 30th, 2023 Do you Facebook?  If you do, come join me for an Assiut Posting Party!  During these two weeks, I’ll be sharing, one might even say, flooding, my Assiut Lovers Facebook Group.  If you are reading this post in the future, come on over and join us […]

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The “Gold Book” Flip Through – Part 1

August 10, 2023

“The Belly Dance Costume Book” by Zarifa Aradoon c. 1978 This book is a time capsule of belly dance-consuming information c. 1978.  I love having this book in my collection as it is part of my belly dance costuming journey.  When I wrote my first book, “Costuming from the Hip” this book was already out […]

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Costume Renovation – Raspberry Hearts

August 8, 2023

Vintage Belly Dance Costume Renovation Meet “Raspberry Hearts.”  She’s a previously unworn Egyptian bedlah set. She’s been floating around the used costume market here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She’s got a few design problems and some superficial damage.  But on the positive side, “Raspberry Hearts” is a fabulous color and has excellent bones. […]

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52 Belly Dane Lesson Plans

July 14, 2023

52 Lesson Plans And How to Write 5,000 More Interview with Author Sara Shrapnell Celebrating the second Installment in the “Teaching Belly Dance” series My fellow belly dance author and co-author Sara Shrapnell just published her best-selling workshop in book format.  If you’re a teacher of dance, this book will help you streamline your classes […]

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