Dancers in Orientalist Art – 2021 Edition

May 16, 2021

Hello Gang! I’ve done a complete top to bottom renovation of one of my most requested workshops. This classic talk, “Dancers in Orientalist Art,” has been updated for 2021.  The first time I presented this material, this was a paper and presentation for a graduate seminar.  Back then, I was working towards an MA in […]

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“An Ouled Nail Tribal Dancer” c. 1895 by Georges Clairin (French, 1843 – 1919)

April 30, 2021

Q: What do these two paintings have in common? A: The Painter!  Georges Glairin (French, 1843-1919) Above left is a painting that fits into the Orientalist genre popular in the 19th century. It’s entitled “An Ouled Nail Tribal Dancer” c. 1985. Above right is Clairin’s most famous work, “Portrait de Sarah Bernhardt” c. 1876 – […]

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Fanoos Magazine, Spring 2021

April 15, 2021

  Today I woke up and was thrilled to discover that I made the cover of Fanoos Magazine.  The production team over at the magazine approached me in March to schedule an interview.  They sent me a list of 10 thought-provoking questions that really made me stop and pause for reflection.  If you would like […]

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April Event: 2-Hour Skirt Workshop

April 9, 2021

“2-Hour Skirt” 90 Minute Live Multi-Media Zoom Workshop/Demo Sunday, April 25, Noon Pacific $25 on the BDBA site Click to Reserve your Space Q: Can you make a performance-ready belly dance skirt in under 2 hours? A: Yes, You Can!  Join me for a costuming workshop Using a basic sewing machine, some simple patterning, and […]

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“Doing” Belly Dance History – Fact vs. Theory

March 19, 2021

Topic & Talk: “Doing” Belly Dance History Research Tip: Be clear on the difference between what is a fact, and what is theory. Image: Cycladic Idol Figure, Chalcolithic period, Getty Malibu QUESTION:  Is this a sculpture of a woman dancing? Perhaps I’m stepping onto a soapbox, but I think as researchers we need to be […]

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