“Doing” Belly Dance History – Fact vs. Theory

March 19, 2021

Topic & Talk: “Doing” Belly Dance History Research Tip: Be clear on the difference between what is a fact, and what is theory. Image: Cycladic Idol Figure, Chalcolithic period, Getty Malibu QUESTION:  Is this a sculpture of a woman dancing? Perhaps I’m stepping onto a soapbox, but I think as researchers we need to be […]

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“Doing” Belly Dance History – Go Off the Beaten Track

March 15, 2021

March Topic & Talk:  “Doing” Belly Dance History Research Tip:  Look for things off the beaten track. Image: Roman Era Egyptian Clappers and Finger Cymbals on display at the Bristol Museum, UK In 2016, I joined my co-authors Sara Shrapnell and photographer Alisha Westerfeld on a book tour in the UK.  First, we attended the […]

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“Doing” Belly Dance History – Avoiding Misattributions

March 12, 2021

Today’s Research Tip: Beware of misattributions on user-driven Image aggregate websites and micro-blogs. Image: Hungarian Dancer and Contortionist Sahary-Djeli known as “La Mystérieuse” One of the websites I have a love and hate relationship with is Pinterest.  On the one hand, I love that it serves as a storehouse for a wealth of visual information […]

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“Doing” Belly Dance History – Persian Snap

March 8, 2021

Today’s Research Tip: Create a list of museums with digital archives to use as a starting point for conducting image research. Image: Qajar Dancer in the act of a “Persian Snap” Located at The Met aka  Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York – View Here One of the tools that I use when I’m conducting […]

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Belly Dance Showgirl: Nejla Ates

February 15, 2021

  Belly Dance Showgirl: Nejla Ates The life and legacy of the “Turkish Delight” Sunday, February 28th 2:00 pm PST/5:00 pm EST $25 Includes live talk, .pdf handout & 30-day replay Bonus – “Fabulous Fifties” ebook Hosted by Mahin of the Bellydance Quickies Reserve your spot Join me on Sunday, January 28th for a history […]

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