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Costumer’s Notes – Spring ’09

Costumer’s Notes – Spring ’09  – Print Edition in .pdf format


Costumer’s Notes, Spring 2009 Print Edition

Back in the spring of ’09, right before Rakkasah West, I revisited the notion of publishing a printed ‘zine again.  I was transitioning from the old eZine format of Costumer’s Notes into a blog.  I was excited about the prospect of having something new in print, I started working on a compilation of older previously published articles. In less than a month, I hammered enough material together to create the first print edition of the Costumer’s Notes magazine since we went onto the web in the late ’90’s.

 Many of the magazines I wrote for between ’97 and ’05 have gone out of print.  Wiggle Hips, Belly Dancer Magazine, Habibi and Cymbal are now gone. So I blew the cobwebs off of a few of my favorites pieces and put them together into this print edition. Although there are more than a few typos, and some awkward page layout issues, I had a blast revisiting my old articles as I worked on this project.  In under a month, I went from concept to product.

Once I was “done enough” I printed out a pile of this edition.  You may know that one of my favorite mottos  is  “done is good”  which really means I’m always two typos away from perfection. But I was happy to have this project done and I took copies of it to a bunch of dance events before I eventually ran out and it too went out of print.  But now, here on my blog, I’m delighted to bring it back to share with you in digital form.

What’s next? My vision for future editions of Costumer’s Notes magazine is to create a far more lush, colorful and beautiful digital magazine. With this goal in mind, I’m working on all new content. Although at this time, I have no idea how long it will take to bring this magazine to life, I’ll let you know when it’s ready so you can check it out too.  In the meantime, enjoy this blast from the past.

Costumer’s Notes Spring 2009 – Print Edition in .pdf

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