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Hot Travel Tip – Portable Pharmacy

This winter season I’m doing a lot of traveling.  I went on a family holiday cruise to Mexico in mid December and next week, I’m heading out again to Vegas to connect with friends who are attending CES – Consumer Electronics Show.  In Las Vegas, however, I’m NOT attending CES!  Instead, I’m going to be working on my new 2016 blogging project, “Makeup Mondays,” where I talk about products and techniques that will help you up your performance makeup game.  As I unpack my bags, and then repack, I thought I would share an indispensable item that permanently live in my my travel kit.  It’s not often that one little kit can make life easier and provide piece of mind.  What is it?  My customized portable pharmacy!



My portable and highly customized portable pharmacy is super simple to put together.  All you need is a week long pill organizer with enough capacity for three days of product. I choose my essential products, the ones that make my life more comfortable, and gather them together.  I used my handy P-Touch label maker to mark the product name and dosing directions.  I popped the labels onto the compartments and then load it up.  And it’s done!

Yep – there’s a typo on there too!  I know that the P-Touch label tape isn’t a precious commodity, but really, I didn’t think a typo was worth fixing. (Life Lesson: Wear glasses when using the P-Touch!)  I choose to leave the Sunday compartment unlabelled so that I can include something unusual for me that might be trip specific. For the cruise, I took along some dramamine, and just popped a hand written note into that compartment with the dosing.

During my cruise, I had a little too much fun dancing, and my old creaky knees were grateful that I had everything on hand that I needed to cope with up to 6 hours of dancing every day!  This was so useful, I’ve decided to break down and make a second one to keep in my dance kit too!

Happy Travels,
Davina ~ Dawn Devine
December 28, 2015

You can get weekly pill caddies at virtually any pharmacy, grocery store, or big-box discounter.  Here are two I am considering for my dance kit: or  Need a P-Touch?   I use my label machine all the time, I couldn’t imagine life without it!


San Diego Sunrise on the Holland America Veendam, December 2015.

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