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Book Reports: Becoming a Belly Dancer is Almost Done!

Becoming a Belly Dancer: From Student to Stage is almost finished!  We’ve just received proof 5 in the mail and are hard at work making the final changes that will help make this publication as perfect as possible!  With 402 pages and over 1000 images of dancers of all levels of performance from complete beginner to seasoned professional and every thing in between.  I’m very proud to have been invited to join the team of four authors who contributed their expertise and knowledge from different areas of the belly dance world.

Cover_Design_2015 WEB

There are so many wonderful things to say about this book, that I’m going to have to create a whole separate page here on my website to share with you all the details!  But here are some pages from the book to check out while we finish up over the next few weeks. Our anticipated release is Mid October or sooner.  Join my mailing list to get the first notification of availability and early-bird pricing and pre-orders.


I only have 18 pages to layout out, and a list of edits to complete, and then it will go for it’s sixth and final proofing. At this moment, we are contemplating a mid October release.  This week, we held three photoshoots of Sara Shrapnell, the lead author, Shalimar and Basinah, two talented professional dancers from the greater SF Bay Area.  I just randomly pulled images from the pile to share.  Today’s todo list includes selecting the perfect shots from these photoshoots, prepping and placing them into our document.


We do have a plan for offering signed pre-orders via Kickstarter, but we are still working on the details. In the meantime, I’ve got a lot of beautiful photos to sort through, book layout that needs fine-tuning, and a list of edits that grows shorter by the day.

For more information about my co-authors, visit their websites!

Sara Shrapnell:
Poppy Maya:
Alisha Westerfeld:



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