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What is the Belly Dance Bundle & Zill Contest?

Hello Gang,

I just heard about a “thing” that is happening here on the web in October, the release of “The Bellydance Bundle.”  You may have seen the ads on social media, in emails from your favorite dancers, and you might even be involved!  This project is the brainchild of belly dancer Tiffany Noro, who’s married her love of belly dance and her career in social media to create this great “deal” for belly dancers world-wide.

Is the Belly Dance Bundle good deal?

I’m sure most of us check our belly dance budget and ask the question can I afford to XYZ.  Although at first glance it’s unclear what is included in this bundle, these products are coming from a collection of an exceptional group of performers and instructors.  I asked myself, would I take a workshop by these ladies at a workshop?   Even looking at this partial list of dancers – the answer is a resounding YES!

It’s a Belly Dance Event in Your Own Home!

One of the ways you can look at this collection of digital information as a belly dance festival in your own home.  ONLY, unlike a big event, you can ACTUALLY participate in everything and at your own pace.  Unlike a multi-track event, with multiple teachers presenting their material at the same time, you don’t have to choose which one to invest in.  Instead, you can, quite literally, do it all!   One of the other things that happens to me during big festivals, is that I often wind up “missing something” when I’m having lunch or dinner.  With all of these online classes and digital workshops, you select the time that works best for you.  No more dancing through a workshop unable to focus due to hunger, thirst, or in my case, the need for a nap!

Last minute surprise – I’m joining the bundle!

I was planning on buying this bundle, saving the cash, when in the 11th hour, I was invited by the organizer to join this event!  Every bundle will include a complete copy of my recent book, “Zills: Music on your Finger Tips.”  So if you choose to invest in the $147 bundle, a digital version of my book will be included.  This is .pdf format is a “Bundle Exclusive” and the only way that Zills is available as a digital publication.  Every day over the next few weeks, the value of the Belly Dance Bundle is going up.  So as of this moment, the “Value” or the combined price if you bought everything separately, is at about $900.

Feel Like a Winner?

Turquoise International has contributed some sets of their beautiful finger cymbals that are being given away this week.  If you click on the link below, you can enter to win a mini-bundle that includes a set of zills AND a workshop hosted by Nadira Jamal, The Belly Dance Geek.  It costs nothing to enter, but you have the chance to win big!   As you know, I LOVE finger cymbals, their history, legend, and lore, and Nadira is a fantastic instructor that I am happy to recommend!

But where’s the dancing and shopping?

Okay, so unlike a festival you won’t get the opportunity to feel and touch a bunch of costumes or see a lot of live dancing.  But that is really where the rest of the internet comes into play.  Between sessions, you can shop online at your favorite dealers, browse Pinterest for idea shopping for future costumes, and even spend some quality time on YouTube enjoying some great performances.

Ultimately, let your needs as a dancer and your budget guide your decision.  If you look at that list of instructors and see a tasty buffet of educational opportunities, then click on one of the images above for a quick link to the Belly Dance Bundle website where you can sign up for the mailing list, and when the sale opens, order up your own private festival to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

I’m really looking forward to these classes!
Come Join me on FB for discussions about the classes,

Dawn Devine ~ Davina
Sept. 25, 2017


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