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“5 Layers” class on The Belly Dance Business Academy

This fall has been such an exciting time in Studio Davina!  The past three months have been a flurry of activity.  I’ve been working on  lots of new projects, publications, and a few  beautiful costumes on my workbench!  It’s been a productive and exciting fall.  Today, I’m so glad to finally tell you about one of the projects I’ve been working on behind the scenes.

I’ve joined the faculty of the Belly Dance Business Academy
and will be offering my classes and workshops through their site.

“5 Layers of Belly Dance Appearance” – FREE CLASS

Belly Dance Business Academy My first digital class is now available at the Belly Dance Business Academy!   “5 Layers of Belly Dance Appearance” is a free seminar that presents my signature framework for discussion appearance from the inside out.  When we step on stage, our audience sees more than just our costume.  The 5 Layers is a way of teasing apart the dancer’s overall appearance working in layers from the inside out.

This systematic breakdown of  belly dance appearance makes it easier to communicate about costuming with students, teachers, troupes, and designers.  This system helps you to focus on individual components making projects more manageable and less overwhelming. I had fun putting this seminar together and it’s totally free!

More than Just Business – A Learning Platform for All Belly Dancers

By the way, don’t let the word “business” in the Belly Dance Business Academy fool you.  There is tons of great content on the site that is useful to dancers of all levels of their dance journey.  Every instructor on the site has one or more free classes as well, so you can take a free introductory class to see if you like their style and content. There is a wealth of information waiting for you.

Visit the Belly Dance Business Academy
Take My Class, “5 Layers of Belly Dance Appearance.”

5 Layers of Belly Dance Appearance Class with Davina at the Belly Dance Business Academy

“Think Like a Designer” Course – Coming in 2018

When I used to teach at the community college level, my favorite class had the boring title of “Introduction to Fashion Design.”  Over the past 20 years, I’ve toured the world presenting seminars, classes and demonstrations of this information focussing on belly dance.  Now that I’ve joined the faculty at the Belly Dance Business Academy, I can offer this entire 15 week collegiate course as an affordable  series of lecture/demos.

Study with me from Anywhere at your Own Pace

If you wanted to study with me, but aren’t in the Silicon Valley area of California, it’s been difficult. Now you have the opportunity to take classes with me from the comfort of you home at your own pace.  The first course, “Think Like a Designer” will present the tools and techniques that designers use to plan their ensembles and collections.  So you can really “Think Like a Designer” when you are planning your next ensemble, building your wardrobe, buying new costume pieces, or hand crafting your costumes.

I will roll out the classes over the course of 2018, so if you are interested in being alerted when new courses are available, sign up for my mailing list to receive notifications for class releases.

Thank you for joining me on this epic new phase of my teaching career. 
Dawn Devine ~ Davina
December 6, 2017


PS:  Regarding the newsletter.  I only send every other month, and I never share my contacts!
Watch for the next “Costumer’s Notes” in your inbox after Christmas.


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