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10 Belly Dancer Holiday Gift Ideas for Under $15

I count myself fortunate this holiday 2018 season to participate in two different gift exchanges with friends in dance.  This year, everyone is operating on a tight budget, so for both of these exchanges, each attendee is bringing one gift at the $10 to $15 price point. My gift giving goal is are to share things that I personally love and use. So here is the shortlist of some of the items that I’m considering taking to these events.

Super-Glam Eye Lashes

Red Cherry False Eyelashes are what I think of as the “Lashes of the Stars”  Years ago, Princess Farhana turned me onto this brand and of their myriad styles.  Although there are dozens of different styles, #43 are my personal favorite.  Durable, glamorous, this brand has a comfortable lash band that molds easily to the unique shape of the upper lash line. Best of all, dramatic lashes can be worn on stage and at your next holiday party.

Individual makeup remover wipes. 

These wipes have been a lifesaver in many a backstage fitting room.  Product spill?  Unavoidable smudge?  Quick makeup change between sets?  In a pinch, these makeup wipes will save the day!  Best part, being individually wrapped they won’t dry out and are easy to share with fellow performers in need.

A Journal to track their dance progress

One of the habits of many highly successful dancers is developing a system of setting goals and recording dance milestones.  Why not give a glamorous gift of a beautiful boxed journal that will look and feel luxurious to start the New Year with a splash!

Three Favorite Blue-Red Lipsticks 

As dancers, don’t we love to experiment with new color cosmetics?  I really enjoy picking up a trio of affordable drug-store priced blue-red lipsticks to wrap individually and present in a bag.  I like to pick from three different companies, three different version of red.  However, I always make sure it’s a bluish red that will make teeth appear whiter. I like to include the classic 50’s color “Cherries in the Snow” from Revlon which is a pinky-red. NYX Lip Cream in Amsterdam and Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lip in Adobe.

Statement Necklace

A beautiful rhinestone statement necklace will make for a stunning and glamorous gift.  Recently, the cost of rhinestone jewelry has come dropped.  You can now pick up some simply gorgeous pieces in the under $15 price point.  If the tastes of your group are slanted more coins and chain, try something more like the necklace below right.  If you are crafty, you can make your own custom creations and share your artistic creativity.

Diaper Pins

These old-school pins were essential for dancewear kits when I was starting out as a baby belly dancer back before the turn of the century.  Today, they are just as practical for pinning through a belt, skirt, and undergarments to prevent twisting, turning, or worse, wardrobe malfunctions. You can put them in a fancy pouch or an up-cycled tin to make it more dramatic. Pass on the tip that these can be customized to match costumes with a coat or two of acrylic paint or even nail polish.

A Wrap Around Cover-up  

These wrap-around cover-ups are amazing, fit over any costume, and come in a variety of colors.  They pack super-small, so won’t take up much room in your dance bag and it keeps your hand free.  If you are crafty, you can make one of these out of fabric from your stash and save even more cash.

Water Bottle

Hydration is one of those things we all work on.  As dancers, our class bags have a water bottle or two. A beautiful, yet practical and potentially fun essential piece of dance equipment. Stainless steel is a great way to upgrade from disposable plastic and move to more sustainable, durable and easily recyclable products. 

Stretch-out Strap

One of my favorite piece of dance equipment is a stretch-out strap. Unlike the elastic stretching bands, this is a firm band with loops for your hands and feet.  It allows me to stretch, but without the necessity of having to grip and pull with my hands.  

A Tasty Treat

Most of my friends enjoy a nice chocolate bar or a cup of cocoa.  Because cocoa is more seasonal, and individual packets allow my friends to easily take a taste of the holidays to work or even share and regift into their families holiday stockings.  If you are outside of the San Francisco/Bay Area, have a taste of my favorite local chocolatier.

Happy Holidays!

Celebrating the holidays with family and friends makes this one of the best parts of the year.  I hope that you have so much fun enjoying the festive gatherings that are the hallmark of this season.

Best Wishes and Happy Shopping,
Dawn Devine ~ Davina
Nov. 24, 2018



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PPS: Do you like this Pinterest Graphic?  I made it using the free web-based application Canva.  If you are interested in a free class/demo of to use Canva for this and other projects, I posted one at over at the Belly Dance Business Academy.  click here.

10 Items for Under $15 - Holiday Gift Guide 2018 | Studio Davina ~


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