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“On Finger Cymbals” – a Free Live Workshop with Dawn Devine & Sara Shrapnell

To celebrate the holidays,
I will be joining author/dancer/teacher Sara Shrapnell
of the Belly Dance Business Academy
for a free workshop!

“On Finger Cymbals”

 Live on Tuesday, Dec. 10, at 5:00pm
But available for replay at your convenience!

During this free, hour-long talk, we will be presenting tactical strategies and
tried-and-true methods for selecting, practicing, caring for, and storing finger cymbals.

No matter what you call them, Arabic Sagat, Turkish Zills, or English Finger Cymbals,
playing these instruments is one of the most ancient and enduring traditions of belly dancers worldwide.


This is a free gift for our friends and students, followers and fans!
Thank you for your continued support of our creative and informative projects.

Watch it live, or catch it in the replay – follow this link to sign-up!

Sharing our love of music and dance this holiday season!

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