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Fall 2019 – Booked and Blessed

Hello gang!

What a fun and exciting fall we are having! I’m thrilled to be completely booked this fall with a couple of fun projects.  Taking a phrase from the world of drag, I’m feeling very “Booked and Blessed!”  What’s coming up?  Where will I be?  Scroll down to find out more.

Right now I feel a bit like the meme above.  I’ve got projects on the left, projects on the right, and a few events tossed in for good measure! This weekend I have the unique pleasure of organizing not one or two upcoming projects, but FIVE!

Belly Dance Bedlah Sets

Over the next 10 weeks, I’m going to be hard at work on three complete bedlah sets. In my studio, a bedlah set is a matched or coordinating bra and belt set. I’m a bit old-school in my approach. It’s important to me that costume pieces are as versatile as possible, so I make separate belts. This allows my clients the option of pairing the bedlah sets with a variety of skirts.

This fall, I’m working on a brilliant highly reflective duo-chrome turquoise/blue holographic set that includes a matching skirt.  This fabric, above left, is high-spandex blend with a laminated surface. Try as I might, my camera simply couldn’t capture the rich color.

For an ATS dancer, I’ll be converting this damaged vintage assiut shawl, middle left, into a tribal style bra and belt set.  I’ll be building this bra with a traditional ring and tie closure.  The belt will be fairly simple because this fabric is so lovely.

Then I get to make a sparkly micro-sequin and organza bedlah set with a skirt and topper. For this ensemble, I’ll be combining orange with accents of gold and red. This costume is going to feature rhinestones, ruching, and layered fabrics to create texture. Once the turquoise/blue costume is finished, I’ll be diving into the orange costume.

Studio Davina Facebook Group

If you are interested in these three projects, I’ll be sharing in-progress photos, links to sources for materials and supplies, and thoughts on techniques.  I check it every day to respond to comments and answer questions.  And of course, all our members are encouraged to share their costume creations too!  Come join the conversation here:

Event: Fabulous Fall Festival

If you are local to the San Francisco/Bay Area of California, why not check out the Fabulous Fall Festival Saturday, November 9tth from 11 am-8 pm?  I’ll be vending at this event with books, jewelry, and assiut costume accessories for sale.  Even if you’re not shopping, swing by and say hi to me and my co-authors Sara Shrapnell and photographer Alisha Westerfeld.  Find out more details about location, price, etc, check out the flyer below.

Behind the Scenes on Instagram

As I spend the next two weeks working on these costumes and accessories, I’ll be posting regularly on my Instagram feed. So if you want to follow along and catch the behind the scenes peek, be sure to follow me there.

Have a happy and creative weekend!
Dawn Devine ~ Davina
October 26, 2019

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