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Makeup Swaps – Replacing old products

Hello Gang!

Over the last three months, I’ve been slowly winnowing down my makeup kit.  I’m not a makeup artist, nor am I a beauty guru.  Instead, I’m just your average belly dancer over the age of 50 who needs to be realistic about the quality, quantity, and age of the products in my personal collection. As a belly dancer, my “showgirl” face requires products that I don’t use on the daily.  The result is that I’m simply not using them up before they “age out.”  So I’ve had to ditch some lipsticks that were smelling funky, toss some cream products that were separating, and pitch some powder products that were losing their luster.

Cosmetics, like food, go bad with time.

It’s good to do a yearly inventory and inspection of your products to keep them fresh and in good condition.  Using super-old and expired makeup can lead to breakouts and irritation.  There are guidelines available on websites all over about how long particular styles of products last.  I even included a small chart in this previous blog post.

Makeup is one of the 5 Layers of Belly Dance Appearance

However, I couldn’t just toss a bunch of old products. Instead, I had to think strategically about what is essential for transforming daily Dawn into high-glam Davina, and immediately replace the items that needed to go.  For my makeup technique, it’s essential that I have a bright red glossy lip, a face paletted with blush, bronzer, and highlight, and an eyeshadow palette in shades of grey.  These were the three essential products that needed replacing during this year’s makeup purge and inventory.

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Showgirl Red Lipstick

For performance, I will layer on the lip products to build a rich saturated red.  I start with a long-wearing stain, use a lip liner to get the most perfected shape, and then top with a bold red lipstick.  This three-step layering ensures that my lipstick will look it’s best under the stage lights and be seen from the back of the audience.  However, on my way to and from gigs, I like to have a soft balm-like lipstick in a bold red.  This type of lipstick doesn’t hold up well, but it does a great job of bringing moisture to my super dry lips before and after the showgirl beat.

This year, I picked up a L’Oreal Colour Riche Shine in the shade “Enamel Red” to replace my nearly gone – and now discontinued – Almay Butter kiss in the shade “Red-Medium.”  It feels so good and comes in a variety of different shades to get a red that’s right for your look.

Face Palette with Blush, Bronzer and Highlight

Since I’m over 50, one of the things I do to keep my skin looking as dewy and youthful as possible, is layer powder face products over a cream base.  For many years, I’ve relied on my trusted Rimmel London Face Sculpting Kit in shade 1.  I really loved this product, and I would have simply replaced it if I hadn’t decided to find something with a few more color options.  So after doing research on YouTube, I decided to pick up the “California in a Box” by Catrice.  I’m really enjoying this new palette and because it has a more matte finish, I’m actually also using it for daily looks too!

Eyeshadow in shades of grey

I’ve spent many years using this Wet N Wild five-pan eyeshadow palette in “Tunnel Vision” and would have simply picked up a replacement, but it, like many things, has long since been discontinued. The case was broken and two of the shadows I’ve had to repress after breaking.  When Colourpop announced it’s new grey palette last fall, I snapped it up.  As a bigger palette, I can achieve some different looks.  The Blowin’ Smoke palette includes the best silver eyeshadow I’ve ever used called “Starstruck.”

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for using the affiliate codes in this blog post.  They help me cover the costs of this website so I can continue to bring interesting information and inspiration.  Your readership and support mean the world to me, thank you so very much!

Happy Costuming!
Dawn Devine ~ Davina
March 9, 2020

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