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Back to Making Costumes

Hello Gang!

After spending many weeks working on that new most essential part of our wardrobe, the protective face mask, I’m now back to work on a costuming project.  One of my ongoing customers is the San Francisco/Bay Area professional dancer Shalimar.   Over the past decade, I’ve been so pleased and blessed to have opportunities to work with Shalimar on performance costumes, dressy garments to wear to shows, and more.

Aqua Stripes Bedlah

Last winter, I made this three-piece costume ensemble that I’ve dubbed “Aqua Stripes.”  At that time, Shalimar was dancing in some closely-packed restaurants and hookah bars and required a slim skirt that wouldn’t catch on chairs and table edges.  The skirt also needed to be easily washable.  We selected this polyester/spandex blend with a holographic finish in bright aqua.

With the world in flux, Shalimar’s needs have changed.  Instead of dancing in crowded commercial spaces, she’s now performing on-line in a corner of her home. So instead of a utilitarian straight skirt, she craves a skirt with more dramatic shape and fullness at the hem.

Coordinating vs. Matching

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough of our primary fabric to cut gussets. I feel so lucky to have sourced some coordinating fabric in the same color-way but with a plain foil surface treatment.

I bought “The last on a bolt” so I am working with what I have available to convert this skirt into something that will spin beautifully.

While we can’t always predict what will happen in the future, we can always remain flexible and open to costume remodeling, upcycling, restyling, and renovation.  Take a peek in your own wardrobe and see if there’s a garment waiting for transformation into something new and fresh to wear to your next digital hafla.

I’m about to dive into the construction now, I’ll be back in a few days with a followup and “after” photos.

Take care and be well,

Dawn Devine ~ Davina
May 22, 2020

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