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Mad About Maud – My Contribution to the Bellydance Bundle 2020

It’s Bellydance Bundle Season!

Great News!  The organizers of the Bellydance Bundle 2020 invited me to participate!  This year, the Bundle is bigger than ever. It’s the best belly dance festival right – but without having to choose during that 11 am time slot!   I love going to festivals.  But in this year, with social distancing rules in place, I haven’t attended a single in-person event.  I’m really looking fowrad to enjoying these classes and workshops too!

New eBook and it’s FREE!

The folks over at the Bellydance Bundle HQ have put together a new ebook, “How to Get the Most Out of Online Classes.”  This publication includes the top tips on how to study in the digital age from the contributors of the Bellydance Bundle 2020. It includes a fantastic assortment of tips and techniques for taking notes, learning choreography, communicating via zoom, and many-more ideas.

This booklet is FREE even if you decide not to by the Bundle, be sure to click through to sign up and get this eBook.

There will be more freebies and give-aways so signing up for this free eBook will bring more content and opportunities to win prizes (like Saroyan Finger Cymbals) right to your inbox.

“Mad About Maud: Salomania & The Birth of Bedlah”

This year, I’ll be presenting a 60-minute slide lecture about dancer Maud Allan, the most famous of the Salomé dancers from the first decade of the 19th century.  In this talk, I’ll be giving an overview of the Salomnia “moment” in history and the impact that Maud had on the look and style of costuming.  Our modern professional belly dance bedlah has its roots in this era, and we will look at how this style coalesced into its iconic style.

This talk will include an informative .pdf including the “Salomé Timeline” that traces the transformation from a historical figure to a theatrical femme fatale.  Also included are a biographical overview and select readings for further research.

Two Tracks of Workshops?
Bring it on!

This year, the bundle is broken into two tracks for focussed learning.  I’m happy to be included in the Lecture Bundle with other dance thought leaders, scholars, and historians.  So you can tailor your learning experience to your taste and needs.  This splitting of the content is new for 2020 and I look forward to learning more about how this will progress.

I’m quite excited to find out what’s in the Bellydance Bundle 2020 along with my own talk!  I’ll be sure to add some more posts when more details and specific information available.

In the meantime – Stay Safe – Stay Healthy and Keep Dancing!
Dawn Devine ~ Davina
Sept. 22, 2020


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