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Assiut Masks? More Coming Soon!

Hello Gang!

Over the summer I spent two months making more than 350 assiut masks.  These were made from scraps, pieces, and partial panels leftover from past projects.  When I did the costume and clothing build for my book “Cloth of Egypt: All About Assiut,” I kept every little scrap, and I had a couple of bins filled with these parts and pieces.  At the time I figured I would transform these assiut scraps into costume accessories like hair flowers and headbands.

In the past four years, I’ve dipped into a bin here and there and made some pieces, but there was still quite a pile of scraps.  Fast forward to summer 2020 and a project was born!  Four bins of scraps became a huge pile of assiut masks!  I collected names in an epic wishlist and worked down the list in order.  Unfortunately, I ran out of scraps before I got to the bottom of the list!

Assiut Ordered

After many many requests from dancers via social media, I decided to invest in some new assiut panels to make another big batch of masks.  This month, however, I’ll be placing these masks onto my Studio Davina Etsy store for a more streamlined workflow and record keeping.  Working through a wishlist was fun, since I got to make pieces for my friends, fans, and extended dance family.  However, it’s time to open this project up beyond the members of my Studio Davina Facebook Group.

I’ve invested in some more black, blue, purple, red, and aqua assiut panels so there will be an assortment of colors and panels coming soon.  Be sure to visit my Etsy store and give it a like so it shows up first when you head over to Etsy.

And now that the fabric is on its way, I’m getting very excited about this upcoming project!

Happy Dance and Costuming!
Dawn Devine ~ Davina

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