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Inspiring Belly Dance videos – Winter 2021

This has been a year of creative exploration in the world of visual communication through dance.  As dancers, we’ve moved away from in-person live performances, but we’ve never stopped performing.  Dancers have taken to the leap into digital space where today’s dance shows are composed of live pieces and recorded programs.

From rote recordings of staged pieces to creative staging and artistic editing, more and more dancers are experimenting with the creative opportunities that digital media has to offer.  Here are five dance videos that I have found enjoyable and inspiring.  

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Dawn Devine ~ Davina
Feb. 11, 2021

Abre Hill – “Dona Eis Requiem”

This cinematographic tour de force from Aubre Hill and Sandee first debuted as part of “Haunting Halfa” a  virtual Halloween dance show in October 2020.  The synergy between the visuals and the music, the costume and the dance moves creates such a darkly atmospheric effect that I had to watch it a second time.  With this video in mind, I was inspired to take a workshop with Aubre on creating dance-themed art films.  If you would like more information about Aubre and her projects follow her on YouTube then Visit her website:

Leena Viee: “Kathak Bellydance Fusion – Aayat Bajirao Mastani”

Like a scene from a Bollywood movie, Leena uses color, movement, shape, and space to create a visually stunning video.  She and her team crafted one of the most professional dance videos I’ve seen in the past year.  Love the incredible sets and locations she used to create this beautiful and spellbinding mini-movie.  It debuted at the Arcanum show, an event hosted by Samai Oriental Dance.  Leena is not only a fabulous dancer, she hosts global fundraising and outreach, on behalf of migrant workers in India.  Find her on the web and sign up to get information on upcoming international events hosted by Leena and her team at Bwitchs.

Ebony Qualls: “Fusion Belly Dance: Throwback Style”

I caught this video as part of the  “Afrodisiac: The Black Belly Dance show” produced by Sadira Lady Liquid that featured a line up of impressive pieces from black belly dancers from across the US.  Ebony creates a fantastic bopping vibe reminiscent of retro music video.  She and her team shot some great footage in her studio, showcasing the breadth of her style, taste, and talent.  Ebony teaches online so be sure to head over to her website to drool over her assiut costume, then sign up to get her newsletters and take a class or two with her!

Julia Farid: “Vintage Dream”

If you’re into a more retro-fabulous experience, check out this fun video by Julia Farid. In “Vintage Dream,” she captures the campy style of a 50’s era Egyptian nightclub performance.  From the set to the costume, the makeup. and the moves, Julia brings the flavor golden age of raks sharki.  Julia is a Ukrainian dancer who you can find not only on YouTube but on her website as well:

“Traditional Belly Dance of Egypt – عرض رائع لفرقة سوهاج للرقص الشعبى”

If a more documentary style is what will whet your belly dance video appetite, check out this video.  In 2019 T Ashraf Ezzat filmed the Sohag Folk Dance Group in the Plaza of Luxor. If you peek past the dancers, you can spot the front of the colonnade of the Temple of Ramses II.  This video is in a style reminiscent of National Geographic, a BBC documentary, or a PBS Special.  I just love how Egyptian filmmaker Ashraf Ezzat captures the joyful energy of this traditional art form.  Be sure to subscribe for future videos and visit his website to follow his future work.

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