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April Event: 2-Hour Skirt Workshop

“2-Hour Skirt”

90 Minute Live Multi-Media Zoom Workshop/Demo
Sunday, April 25, Noon Pacific
$25 on the BDBA site
Click to Reserve your Space

Q: Can you make a performance-ready
belly dance skirt in under 2 hours?

A: Yes, You Can! 

Join me for a costuming workshop Using a basic sewing machine, some simple patterning, and sewing skills, you can go from a pile of fabrics and notions to a finished micro-sequin skirt in less than 2-hours!

Workshop/Demo Includes:

  • Three different skirt styles and shapes
  • Cutting without drafting a pattern
  • Tips for working with Micro Sequin Fabric
  • Complete list of tools and materials – save time and money!
  • Includes a printable eBook with complete start-to-finish directions

Save Time

Using the right materials, and having the patterning and sewing techniques will make it fast – and easy. Mostly straight line sewing using an ordinary sewing machine.

Save Money

Depending on where you purchase your fabric, these skirts styles can be made today for less than $50, and I bought all the materials for each of these three skirt demos for less than $30 ea.

Fit Your Body

We’re not using a pattern, but rather, taking your measurements and cutting to fit. Starting with the right materials and tools will give you a beautiful outcome for any size or shaped dancer’s body!

Fit Your Style

We have three very different shapes and hem widths, so you will find a style that works for you. Love your leg out? We’ll talk slits! Love to spin? We’ll talk full circle? Fancy a mermaid Moment? We’ve got one of those for ya too!

2-Hour Skirt eBook

Once the workshop is over, use the eBook as a guide for sourcing materials, taking measurements, making patterns, cutting, sewing, and fitting your creations.  This book includes information and ideas beyond the scope of the 90-minute workshop/demo. The “2-Hour Skirt” eBook includes more than the three styles included in the workshop, variations on each skirt theme, and more advanced fitting techniques. 

Come join me for the fun and learn how to quickly and affordably enhance and refresh your belly dance wardrobe over the coming months with a wardrobe of new skirts!  Reserve your space today.

If you have questions about this costume-making event, I’m available via Instagram, Facebook, and good ‘ole email davina at davina dot US.

New costume pieces for spring?
Let’s do it!

Dawn Devine ~ Davina
April 6, 2021

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