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YouTube Goal Setting Setting 2022

1000 YouTube Subscribers in 2022?

Over the weekend I hit 500 subscribers on YouTube!  Yeah!  This is the first major hurdle of 2022, and an important milestone on the road towards reaching 1k subscribers in 2022!

500 was a fun moment for me. It gave me a serious injection of energy and inspiration. YouTube sent me a little .gif celebrating the moment.  I took a screengrab below to share with you. This .gif marks the halfway point towards reaching the first major target of 1K subscribers.

Why is 1K so special?

In the world of YouTube, having 1000 subscribers is the minimum to open doors behind the scenes.  When a creator reaches this milestone, they gain access to tools, support, rank higher in the search engine, and their videos get shared with a wider audience. Simply put, once you reach this level, your “findability” increases and YouTube shares your work with more people. 

We Reached 500 Subscribers!

During the coming months, I’ll be spending more time making video content for social media that documents the work I’m doing on the upcoming book, “Assiut Belly Dance Costume in Detail,” or “ABCD” for short. It is my hope, that I can share the process of moving through the various stages of book production.  I want to share with you the phases of production and the process of moving from concept to 

Will you help me get 500 more?

If you would like to help me achieve this gold, there are five things that you can do to help me.

  1. Visit my YouTube Channel.  Perhaps the most simple action is to visit my channel and watch a few videos.  Watch time matters to the YouTube algorithm so if you spend a few moments on my channel, you will help give me a tiny boost.   Short Video:  “Belly Dance Bra Costume Design” is short and fun.
  2. Like a Video or Two. If you enjoy my videos, tell the world!  Just take a moment to click on the line button and give my video a big fat thumbs-up.  Popular Videos: Check out “Bujo Notebook Custom Pen Quiver DIY” is one of my most popular videos.
  3. Comment on a Video.  Like watch-time and likes, viewer comments add credibility. It’s a bit like voting. If a “Like” is worth a vote, then a comment, even just a smiley face, multiples the like. One of my most liked videos is “Tying a Turban” a little costuming demo in the middle of a makeup challenge vlog. If you watch that demo and find it useful, tell me why in the comments.
  4. Subscribe to my channel.  However, the most direct and impactful way to help me reach my goal is to simply click through any of these links and subscribe to my channel. YouTube subscriptions are totally free to you and help me so very much. If you want to receive notifications about videos, then click on the bell icon.  Here’s a little vintage history clip of Nejla Ates c. 1956.
  5. Share videos with your friends in dance. Perhaps the most valuable action a subscriber can take is to share a video with your friends.  If you find a video with valuable information, that inspires, or entertains, could you take a moment to share it on social media?  That will really help me spread the word and reach new dancers and costumers around the world. The main goal of my YouTube channel since it’s beginning has always been to share the work of my friends in dance, like this video of the super-glamorous Basinah from November 2021.

Thank you for the Continued Support!

I appreciate your time checking out these are the key things that you can do – and are all absolutely free!  I appreciate your support of my ongoing research, design, and publishing work.  It is my hope that in the coming months there will be plenty of new quality content on my YouTube to inspire, entertain, and educate.  If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out the new Behind the Scenes Vlog Series, you can find the playlist here.  

Thank you for your help in reaching my goal!
~ Dawn Devine ~ Davina

March 2, 2022


By Davina

Davina ~ Dawn Devine is a belly dance costume designer, dance instructor and author of more than a dozen publications on Middle Eastern dance.