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Making Assiut Hair-Flowers – Summer Workshop

Studio Davina Summer Workshop 2022
Assiut Hair Flowers – Design & Construction

As a special thank you for helping me achieve my goal – raising funds for a new camera – I am adding a bonus 2-part workshop at the $7 level.  I appreciate all of your patience as I worked through my Patreon/Zoom growing pains.  If you’re not a subscriber, perhaps you will come and join us for the two-part workshop on Wednesday, Aug. 31 & Thursday, Sept. 1 live via zoom – or in replay through Sept. 30.

Part 1 – Wednesday, Aug. 31 – 7 pm Pacific – 2 hrs – Live via Zoom
Part 2 – Thursday, Sept 1 – 7 pm Pacific – 2 hrs – Live Via Zoom

2 Nights – 3 Hair-flower Styles – 4 Hours of Time
1 PDF with supplies list and order of construction

At the end of my Patreon talks, I like to ask folks if they are interested in any special topics. I received a few requests for “Assiut Hair Flowers.” Sounded like a great idea for me too, so this workshop is by request.

Assiut Hair Flower Includes:

  • 4 hours – Two Nights
  • Live Via Zoom with a replay available through Sept. 30.
  • Demo of Three Styles:  Star, Cockade, Single Motif
  • Part 1 will cover: Design, Planning, Sourcing, Cutting
  • Part 2 will cover: Prepping, Constructing, Embellishing
  • I’ll share a complete supplies and materials list

Sign up for the workshop via Patreon 

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