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Belly Dance Designers I Follow on Instagram

Five International Belly Dance Designers on Instagram

Next time you pick up your phone to go for a scroll through Instagram for visual ideas, check out this inspirational collection. This is a group of belly dance costume designers from around the world. Each of these talented women is an accomplished designer.  These costume makers offer different points of view, materials selection, and fabrication techniques. And I love them ALL!

It simply makes me happy to see all of the wonderful belly dance costume designs in my feed. These designers are some of the best of the best from around the globe.
Why not check them out for yourself? 

I hope you enjoy this collection of talented designers.
Have fun checking them out,
Dawn Devine ~ Davina
August 2023


Award-winning dancer and costumer.  On her Instagram platform, she shares her belly dance journey. She performs professionally in the greater Seattle, USA area. She also teaches belly dance costume design workshops with hostess Lisa Jean.  I enjoy Michelle’s costuming tips, her taste, and her dance style. *chefs kiss*


Hailing from Mexico, I first discovered Ambar, a super glam costume designer via YouTube. I HIGHLY recommend her Instagram. In her feed, shares photos of costumes she makes for herself and her clients.  I really love her tutorials, her approach to integrating mirrors and bling, and her design framework.  Learn from her on her Spanish-language YouTube channel.  She always inspires me with her creative materials use and show-girl style sparkly costumes. *Muy Caliente*


I’ve been a fan of the Ukrainian costume designer Olga Aida. Her Fashion taste is superb and she crafts blingy costumes for dancers with showgirl tastes.  She takes her designer collection to belly dance events around the world.  Need something custom?  Aida Style is a full-service business that ships internationally.  Why do I love her Instagram Feed?  Because it’s just so good!  *приголомшливо красива*

Laura Scimone

Sicilian-born, but London-based, Laura’s design house, Moonlight Design brings luxurious, couture-level Italian design to the world of belly dance costumes. Her styles are sparkly and elegant. Her styles achieve that perfect balance between sumptuous fabrics and the luster of quality rhinestones.  *la massima eleganza*


From the Netherlands, Zaina Belly Dance Costumes offers lovely, feminine-style belly dance costumes. What I love most about her Instagram feed are the behind-the-scenes peeks of her working on her designs.  From stitching on rhinestones to making custom fringe, I love watching and learning from my fellow designers.  Her technique is impeccable.  *Absoluut prachtig*

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