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“The Belly Dance Historian’s Tool Box”

The Belly Dance Historian’s Tool Box

Belly Dance Historian’s Tool Box:
Three Class Series

Join me this winter quarter for the first course of 2024.  “The Belly Dance Historian’s Tool Box” will focus on the process of “doing” archival belly dance research. From abstract concepts to practical methodology.

The Belly Dance Historian’s Tool Box is a three-class series that takes a deep dive into three critical areas to help you take your historical research activities to the next level.

Winter Quarter, 2024

Introduction – Release Date Jan. 15, 2024
Part 1 – On History – Release Date Jan. 29, 2024
Part 2 – Intellectual Tools – Release Date Feb. 29, 2024
Part 3 – Data, Storage, & More – March 18, 2024

Introduction – January 15, 2024:
25 Slides – 45 minutes – Handout

Not everyone has the time or need for a serious multi-class deep dive. To facilitate in choosing the best class for you, I’ve put together an introductory presentation where I will briefly go over the content of the course and share links to the handout.  This will allow you to choose to take one class, the whole course, or just enjoy the overview and handout!

Class 1 – On History – January 29, 2024:
45 slides – 90 minutes

In the first class “On History,” I’ll be sharing the process of historical concepts, interdisciplinary study, research methods, and goal setting. This includes a discussion of belly dance as a subject or theme, how to break the chains of historical bias, prevent scope creep. We will also consider the ways intersectional thinking can bring richness and value to our research projects.

Class 2 – Intellectual Tools Feb. 29, 2024:
45 slides – 90 minutes

In the second class, join me for a presentation on how to build your research tools.  Much like a carpenter will build a jig to speed up and streamline his creative work, there are several tools you can construct to make your research more efficient and effective.  We will be discussing building a practical system that will make it easier to locate and process historical data.

Class 3 – Data, Storage, and More, March 18, 2024:
45 slides – 90 minutes

Once we have developed our project and built our intellectual tools, the final step in building a research system is planning how to collect, store, and find our data.  I’ll present a broad range of options from old-school paper options, to free image storage spaces, and paid data storage apps. I will present my method and additional options for you to consider.

But also in class three, we will be going over some detailed case studies in belly dance research. In addition, I will answer questions posted by course participants from the introduction, “On History,” and “Intellectual Tools.”

Class Sign Up – “The Belly Dance Historian’s Tool Box”

This series is offered as pre-recorded videos via Patreon at the $15 level. Once you have signed up, you will receive an email notice directly via email to let you know when the classes are ready. 

Will I see you for my “Tool Box?”

If you are a dance instructor looking to up your informational game, a student working on research papers, or a blogger wanting to include more historical content. This class will help you up your research game.

It’s going to be a history deep dive and super nerd-fest. Perhaps just want a behind-the-scenes peek into my research system and over 500 historic images, come join me on Patreon.

Happy New Year!
Dawn Devine ~ Davina
January, 2024