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January 2019 – 30 Day Makeup Challenge

Amani Maharet promotional photo by The Dancer's Eye

Over the past three years I’ve been having fun participating in an annual 30-day makeup challenge. This year, I’m tackling a 30-day Makeup Challenge during the month of January.  I spotted a fantastic prompt list over on Instagram created by Florida based dancer, Amani Maharet. I love following her Instagram feed and though I wasn’t planning on doing a challenge in January, her inspiring set of prompts convinced me to give it a go.  While I don’t have room in my schedule to tackle every day’s challenge, I’m planning on doing as many as I possibly can over the next few weeks.

Amani Maharet by The Dancer’s Eye
Amani’s feed on Instagram
(Check out that beautiful purple Assiut shawl!)

Why Do a Makeup Challenge?

There are several reasons great reasons why taking a makeup challenge is a great choice for a student of dance at any level.  Here are the 5 reasons why I recommend every student of dance, regardless of level, take on a makeup challenge.

  1. Using challenge prompts inspires creativity.  Having a list of challenges helps fuel new ways of thinking about makeup.  Often completing a prompt requires creating a look you might not have come up with on your own.  Use this as an opportunity to think about your makeup look in new ways.
  2. Encourages exploration of my makeup collection. Often we fall into ruts using the same cosmetics in the same way. In order to meet the prompt challenge, you will find yourself looking at your collection in new ways. Perhaps I’ll put powder products in new places, pair up different eyeshadow palettes, or craft new lip cocktails using my current products.
  3. Gives me the impetus to purge my products and tools.  Makeup goes bad and brushes wear out.  I find that challenges are the perfect time to inventory my collection and get rid of things that are no longer serving my needs. This is also a time when I build my wish-list to purchase replacements for outdated items, to fill holes in my collection, or for things I might want to give me more options for creative looks.
  4. Make the time to really learn new application techniques. Tackling a challenge means taking the time to experiment with your current makeup application methods. During challenges, I always make time for research into new approaches, methods, and techniques. Practicing a method for a couple of weeks in a row will give me time to perfect it.  Alternately, sometimes I give the method a good try but decide it’s not my style.  In either case, a month is a long enough period to really put a method to the test.
  5. Participating with other dancers around the web. One of the most fun aspects of taking a challenge is sharing the experience with friends locally and around the web.  You can share step-by-step, before and after, or just finished photos using the challenge hashtag. I like to make demonstration videos to share the products and techniques I am experimenting with so my friends, students, and customers can check out what I’m up to.

Video:  I made an FB Live GRWM style video.
(And WOW – could FB’s algorithm choose a more flattering cover image?  I think not!)

30-Day Makeup Challenge – Week One Wrap-Up

During the first week of the challenge, I managed to complete four looks.  The first (Lower Right) was the day 1 prompt, “Daily go-to look.”  This is the kind of makeup I put on for meetings and for presentations at non-dance events.  Day 3 was rainbow (Lower Left) and I got to use my latest eyeshadow palette, the BH Cosmetics “Take me Back to Brazil: Rio Edition.”  Each year I treat myself to one new makeup palette for the holidays, and this was the first time I ever used this one.

The top right image is from Day 4, “Recreate a look from a YouTuber,” and I decided to create a look that I did in my own 2016 challenge. This gave me an opportunity to try my new palette putting together a look I have already tried. (check out the video below)  I must say, I am really enjoying this new palette a lot!  The top left image is my Day 5, “A Color I don’t get to Wear” which is Silver.  For many many years, silver and black eyeshadow was my “signature look.”  I’m living a more colorful life these days, but it was nice to have this blast from the past.  I had trouble with my eyelash glue, and though I put lashes on, I had to immediately take them off!  I’m now on the hunt lash glue.

I’m looking forward to tackling week two of this challenge!  If you are inspired to give it try, please be sure to tag me if you share it on Instagram or FaceBook.

Best of luck in all of your makeup experiments,
Dawn Devine ~ Davina
January 6, 2019.

By Davina

Davina ~ Dawn Devine is a belly dance costume designer, dance instructor and author of more than a dozen publications on Middle Eastern dance.