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Happy New Year!  New Class Announcement

It’s January 2019 and it’s my biggest planning month.  Instead of creating a bunch of new goals, I’m rolling through with my unfinished 2018 projects.  One of my goals was to design and make a new belly dance business card with a QR code that will quickly bring people here to my website.

FREE digital demo – Making QR Codes

QR Codes

Some of you might be wondering what is a QR code? In a nutshell, it’s a square-shaped matrix barcode that creates a convenient link to a web address.  Businesses use QR codes on marketing materials, packaging, and signage that direct interested customers to informative web pages.

QR Digital Demo

Since I was working on this project, I thought I would take a moment and share my method for creating a QR code and placing it into my new business card.  For me, this was a four-step process.

  1. Design a business card using Canva.comChoose the Web Address -Select the place that you want to send your readers.  Strategize while making your marketing plans and choose the ideal place.  For my business card, I would like my potential clients, customers, or students to come here to my website.
  2. Go to a QR Code Generator – There are many free QR code generators around the web.  This is a link to the one that I use.  Plug the URL of your destination into the QR code generator and in moments, you have your code.  Save this as an image.
  3. Design your Print Material – Lately, I’ve been using the free web-based design tool Canva to quickly craft my marketing materials.  Since QR Codes are square, it’s easy to make space for them in your design.
  4. Review, Edit, and Send – The last step is to step away from the project and give it time to simmer in your mind.  Business cards are an investment, so I like to come back at a later day to review and edit.  I also like to share it with friends for feedback.  When I’m finished, I will send it to my favorite printer.

Watch the Digital Demo

I’ve put this QR Code digital demo on the Belly Dance Business Academy.  BDBA is a fantastic resource that is home to a broad variety of classes, workshops, and demos.  It’s free to enroll, (code for sign up for their mailing list) and many of the classes are free!  Once you’ve signed up for a class, it stays in your class library and you can refer to them as often as you like.

Happy New Year!
Dawn Devine ~ Davina
Jan 2, 2019

By Davina

Davina ~ Dawn Devine is a belly dance costume designer, dance instructor and author of more than a dozen publications on Middle Eastern dance.