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Assiut Mask Project: Part 4 – Orders & Shipping

Hello gang!

At the time of this writing, this project is in full swing. I’m using scraps and left-over bits and pieces of assiut, I will run out of fabric very soon! This project is really using scraps, so most of the pieces are smaller than the mask pattern I developed back in April.  Click through to this blog post if you would like to download the pattern in .pdf form.

Adapting the Pattern

Because I’m working with smaller pieces and scraps, I found making a few pattern variations has helped me use up some of the smaller pieces.  This purple assiut fabric was purchased to make assiut hair flowers

Read the “Assiut Hair Flower” blog post here

On this portion of an assiut shawl, the embroidered motifs are quite widely placed and sparse. To maximize the amount of silver on the bra, I created a two-piece pattern that would place the larger motif in part A and a diamond on part B.

Managing The List

This started off as a very low-key project that I didn’t advertise. I didn’t want to do a big build of masks to put them up on Etsy.  I simply wanted to use up scraps, bits, and pieces to make a practical, yet lovely, pieces for my friends in dance.

WHEW – did I underestimate demand?!?

I had over 100 requests for masks within a week of the first pictures showing up in my Facebook Group.  I made a simple hand-written list in my Studio Davina Log Book with names and fabric preferences.  This list got pretty darned long!  So, I broke this list into batches and started working down the list in order.  This week, I’ll be working on batch #3 and possibly cutting and organizing batch #4.

Order Processing Workflow

Here’s my order process:

  1. Make a batch of assorted colored masks
  2. Take photos with large numbers
  3. Reach out via messages to people on the list with 2-4 options
  4. Once they have selected their mask, tag it with their name – Old-school with a scrap of paper and pin
  5. Message them with payment instructions
  6. Check PayPal to confirm payment
  7. Ship

Each order includes a thank you card, directions insert, and the mask they chose.  We are shipping using United States Postal Service with classic stamps. I can simply leave them for pickup by my mailman.  For those folks living in town, they are welcome to stop by my place for a porch pick up.

Back to the Sewing Machine

And so I leave you here, my friends, as I need to head back to the sewing machine to make a whole pile of more masks.  If you would like to read the previous posts in the series, check out the list below. If you are making masks, I wish you great luck and good fortune!

Happy Costuming (and mask making!)
Dawn Devin ~ Davina
August 3, 2020

This is the fourth blog post in the series:

Post 1: Assiut Mask Project: Part 1 – Project Planning
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