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Gloves & Gauntlets Pattern is BACK!

I’m so pleased that my Gloves & Gauntlet pattern is now available as a $5 digital download on the Etsy website. This glove pattern has been out of print for several years due to changes in our printing equipment.  Our industrial laser printer died during that fateful final run, and we decided to downsize to a smaller home.  This meant our new printer was also smaller.  

We realized that we wouldn’t be able to print tabloid-sized paper on our new printer.  So we thought we would just have the pattern printed in the future.  Then, as fate would have it, printing costs then skyrocketed. We found ourselves in a catch 22.  In order to have them printed, we would have to seriously raise our prices. 

 Shalimar models a pair of gauntlets
made to match her mermaid skirt.
Read the blog post here.

Glove Pattern Available via Etsy Digital Downloads

Fortunately, Etsy now accommodates digital downloads. Our Glove & Gauntlets pattern is now at a new lower price point!  We’ve spent a chunk of the summer renovating the pattern into a single downloadable .pdf.  All you need is a little tape and you can be on your way to a set of custom gloves to go with your next dance ensemble. 

Follow this link to Etsy to check out this new pattern and while you’re there, can you give my store a thumbs up?  Likes and reviews really do help keep our Etsy listings at the top.

Happy Sewing!
Dawn Devine ~ Davina
August 18, 2020



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