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First Dance of 2020? Last Dance of 2020!

For a variety of reasons, 2020 was a “challenging” year. Please feel free to insert any explicative or adjective you prefer in the quotes. Challenging was the best I could do without cursing a blue streak! I had Covid and thankfully recovered! I’ve been wrastling with “Frozen Shoulder” but I can now get my right hand over my head along one movement path. Once I got that far in my recovery, I set a goal for myself in September to do a digital performance before the end of the year. What seemed impossible in July, became a goal in September and happened in December.

My first, only, and last performance of 2020

Thanks to Bay Area show impresario Sudeep of “Bay Area Belly” fame and her troupe Raks Jawhara, I got to team up with my buddy Alisha aka Zemira, to dance in a properly social distanced belly dance show. Sudeep hosted a holiday mini-fest and I was thrilled to be invited as a guest act. Alisha, who has been part of my family “bubble” since March, teamed up.  With my limited motion, we decided on an improv cane dance to her favorite holiday song “Sisters” from the movie “White Christmas.”  Then we each did a one-song-solo. 

Watch the Whole Event

Sudeep located a park with a covered patio behind one of the community buildings local for this event.  We all wore masks and stayed properly distanced for health and safety. It was a lovely space and she’s thinking of hosting future events there. I hope to be invited back to “The Patio” for a future show.  Thank you, Sudeep!   Special shout out to Mr. Sudeep for recording the show.

If you’ve danced in a digital show recently and want to share? If it’s on YouTube, why not click through on the Zemira & Davina video and leave a link to your performance there? I would love to see more dance!  If you’re over on Facebook, drop me a DM and be happy to come and watch!

I wish you health and happiness this holiday season!
Dawn Devine ~ Davina
December 14, 2020

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