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“A Journey Down the Nile 1910” A History Slide Talk

Hello Gang!  It’s that time of the year when businesses dive into a yearly review.  2020 has been a bit of a struggle for all people across the whole planet.  I thank my lucky stars that my hubby is still working and that we are surviving this dark year.  My business, like many small belly dance businesses, took a huge hit in 2020.  My motto for the year changed during the month of March to  “Strive to Survive!”

However, the silver lining in that dark cloud was time to really think about my mission.  What I enjoy the most is historical research and sharing it with my fellow dancers.  With this in mind, I am making a pivot in my business, and moving all of my most popular slide-talks into digital form, one month at a time.

New Format – “Topic & Talk”

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve seen my posts on history.  Throughout the coming year, I’ll continue to make these posts on Facebook and Instagram.  However, moving forward, I’ll be wrapping each month up with a history slide-talk.  This is a great opportunity for those who want a deeper dive into the subject to join me to see even more images, soak up more history, and ask questions about the content.

“A Journey Down the Nile 1910”

This month’s “Topic & Talk” is “A Journey Down the Nile, 1910.  This is one of my most popular talks that I’ve given numerous times in the past 8 years.  Join me for a discussion of how an American tourist would travel to Egypt at the end of the first decade of the 20th century.  This year dovetails into my researcher in both dance and textiles, and so within the framework of tourist travel, I’ll be discussing how you would buy an assiut shawl, where, and why.  I’ll also be sharing eye-witness accounts of Egyptian dance, and the surviving ephemera that helps us understand how the taste for belly dance evolved and propelled the expansion of our art form in the US. This talk is hosted by Sara Shrapnell, one of the co-authors, and one of the owners of the Belly Dance Business Academy.

A Journey Down the Nile 1910
Wednesday, Dec. 30,
6:00 pm Pacific
60 Min Slide-show plus Q&A Session
Live Via Zoom – only $20
Click here to reserve your spot!


The beauty of this “Topic & Talk” format is that I get to share even MORE historic images!  There’s such a rich visual history from this era, there will be very few “repeats” from the image posts on social media! If you have any questions about this or future talks, please send me an email at or message me on Facebook or Instagram.

I’m so excited about this new adventure!
I look forward to seeing you at one of my talks,
but in the meantime, have a happy and safe holiday season!

Dawn Devine~Davina
December 4, 2020



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