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Celebrating 50 years – Saroyan Coin Earrings

Saroyan Coin Earrings

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Saroyan Mastercrafts founded by legendary zill-smith Harry Saroyan.  Based in a suburb of LA, Harry ran his boutique metal manufacturing company for four decades.  He handcrafted some of the most outstanding finger cymbals ever made in the history of belly dance.  Harry opened his business in 1971 just as interest in belly dance was exploding in US pop culture.  As a savvy businessman, Harry expanded his line to include other metal products to satisfy the growing demand for belly dance products.  He added exquisite dance swords with legendary perfect balance and a collection of musical costume coins.

Wear A Piece of Belly Dance History

Unfortunately, Saroyan’s costuming coins went out of production many years ago. These vintage coins are becoming increasingly rare and difficult to source.  I’m sitting on a small pile of new, reclaimed, and up-cycled coins.  I’m using these vintage coins to make small batches of affordable costume earrings. Great to wear for practice, performance, your next zoom meeting, or just because they are fun!   

First Batch of Saroyan Coin Earrings
will be available on the Studio Davina Etsy shop
on Saturday, October 28, 2021

The holidays are coming up! 
This is the 50th anniversary of this company.   
The time is right to wear a piece of belly dance history.

Vintage Saroyan Coin Earrings

Harry created these original designs and made custom tools and dyes to manufacture his exclusive coins. He sourced and selected high copper-content metals to produce a musical jingle. Consequently, when these coins touch they produce a sparkling ringing tone.  These stamped and pressed coins are much lighter in weight than they look, making them quite comfortable to wear.

I’ve paired these coins with semi-precious stones of garnet, onyx, tiger eye, and some crystal AB.  The ear wires are surgical steel.  I’m handcrafting these in earrings in small batches and plan on preparing a second “drop” of styles after I replenish my supplies of ear wires!  Supplies are very limited.  These earrings will be available exclusively through my Etsy store.  Due to international shipping restrictions, they will, unfortunately, only be available to folks in the US. 

Learn More About Saroyan Mastercrafts

A few years ago, I had the glorious opportunity to visit the Saroyan factory just outside of Los Angeles.  In 2016, I was finishing up the research for my book, “Zills: Music On Your Fingertips” and this trip provided crucial information on the manufacture of the highest quality musician-grade finger cymbals!   

Check out the video below to meet the team and learn more about Saroyan in this informative interview with Sahira of Texas.

Thank you!
I appreciate your supporting my creative work and research!

Happy Fall!
Dawn Devine ~ Davina
Oct. 21, 2021


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