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Bellydance Bundle 2021 – Sale Ends Today

Final Hours – Bellydance Bundle 2021

Whew – the last month has been so exciting!   If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably heard me spend a lot of time talking about my contribution to the Bellydance Bundle 2021.  My talk, “Danse du Ventre: 1889,” will be available exclusively to Bellydance Bundle attendees from its debut on Nov. 15 of 2021 through October of 2022.  That’s an entire year to watch or even rewatch this 4-part video series.  

55 Instructors in this year’s Bellydance Bundle

I must admit, I’m a bit starstruck by this year’s lineup.  It’s always fun to be invited to give a talk at a workshop, but it’s a major thrill to be invited back for the 5th year of the Bellydance Bundle.  My talk is snugged into the Bundle right beside legends I’ve studied with such as Jillina, Aziza, Sadie, Oreet, and Rosa Noreen. 

66+ Workshops in this year’s Bellydance Bundle

I’m also thrilled to join many of my colleagues in dance, who I’ve collaborated on in other projects.  Such as my co-author Sara Shrapnell, the phenomenal Mahin of Phoenix who’s hosted me for many workshops, and Lisa Alred who was one of the co-owners of the Bellydance Business Academy. 

Yallah Raqs Bellydance Practice Podcast

My favorite and most useful freebie is the Yallah Raqs Bellydance Practice Podcast.  Hostess Tiffany Noro interviews all the Bundle 2021 instructors.  There is also a backlog of over 80 episodes (including a few with me) if you’re a podcast listener.  Visit the Main Podcast Page – or start with one of my recent favorites:

For a few more of my favorite Yallah Raqs Episodes,
click through and read this blog post.

Interview with Sara Shrapnell

The Bellydance Bundle 2021 is THIS BIG!  Wanna know more about the bundle?  Check out this video I did with Sara Shrapnell over on YouTube.  Always be sure to like and leave a comment to help our videos score higher in the algorithm.  For this video, the secret phrase is “Eiffel Tower,” so if you want to click through to watch on YouTube, be sure to mention the tower in your comments!   It lets me know that you followed this link to our fun and informative talk!

Maybe I’ll see you come through my workshop?
It debuts on Nov. 15, so pick up your Bundle today and join me on the 15th!  

Dawn Devine ~ Davina
October 27, 2021


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