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Mahin’s Lecture Replay Sale 2021

Mahin of Belly Dance Quickies Presents:

Belly Dance Lecture Replay Sale

Sale runs – November 7th – 29th, 2021
18 Titles to Choose From
Price Varies with Title and Presenter
visit the Belly Dance Quickies Website
For a complete list of workshops included in this sale!

It’s such a pleasure and delight to tell you all about this wonderful opportunity to pick up high-quality lecture replays from Mahin’s ongoing belly dance lecture series.   She’s brought together a group of amazing researchers, scholars, and instructors working in the field of Middle Eastern belly dance!   

This year, she’s selected three of my talks to include in this sale!

  • Belly Dance Showgirl: Nejla Ates
  • Salomania: Fact & Fiction
  • Dancer’s in Orientalist Art 

These are the original complete talks available for purchase for a limited time, but available to watch over the coming months.  After the 29th, Mahin will put these lectures back in the Lecture Vault.  Read more about Nejla, Salomania, and Orientalist Art. 

My Choice Lecture Replay Sale Picks

It’s so hard to pick a favorite out of this selection, but a few that I found outstanding and highly informative include:

  • Artemis – “Knowing Your Roots” 2-part lecture series
  • Ainsley Hawthorn – “Talking Belly Dance”
  • Mahin – “Practical Anatomy & Body Mechanics for Bellydance”
  • ANYTHING by Dr. George Sawa

Lecture Replay Sale “Taster”

I’m taking advantage of this sale to rewatch a few of the lectures I attended and enjoyed!  If you are thinking of picking up a lecture, but have never heard of some of these speakers before, Mahin has put a clip reel together to give you a taster of the presentation style of each lecturer included in the sale.

This is like having an opportunity to build your own personalized “belly dance intensive” – so why not use this replay opportunity to fill your “knowledge bucket” up!

Drop me a line via email if you take any of my workshops and have questions about the material. 
~ Dawn Devine ~ Davina
Nov. 7, 2021

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