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Shalimar’s Pink Rhinestone Costume in Action


Shalimar’s Rhinestone Costume

One of my long-time costuming clients, the glamorous and elegant Shalimar, has recently begun building her social media presence. She’s started a new website and brand new YouTube Channel. The videos on her new YouTube channel give me a wonderful opportunity to share some of my work in motion. 

I was thrilled to spot this video above of Shalimar performing in one of my favorite costume designs. This holiday show took place at the Bean Scene, my top pick for a local coffee shop in Sunnyvale, Ca. 

Pink: Shalimar’s Signature Color

Shalimar looks absolutely fabulous in bright pink. In 2017, she was looking to add to her wardrobe. Her design brief stipulated a bright and dynamic pink two-piece bedlah set. Shalimar was regularly performing in dark nightclubs, hookah bars, and restaurants. In these kinds of dim environments, a highly reflective costume is essential for visibility.

Studio Davina: Line and Dot Design Formula

For this bedlah set, I used my “Dot and Squiggle” formula. We used an assortment of cheap and cheerful acrylic sew-on gems like these paired with rhinestone chain. For the base fabric, we choose a comfortable, high-spandex, and highly reflective fabric with tiny dots called “Disco” in pink.  This material is still available from a wide variety of suppliers including

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One Bedlah Set – Myriad Skirt Options

For working dancers, a two-piece bra and belt set allows for maximum versatility. Shalimar wanted a minimum of three skirts to swap in and out to change the look. We designed a matching pink goblet skirt made from the “Disco” fabric.

There was already a two-tiered spandex and chiffon skirt in her wardrobe. Clear rhinestones “read as white” by viewers. This “extended mini” white skirt is a workhorse in Shalimar’s wardrobe.  The white skirt gives this pink bedlah set a completely different vibe.

Gloves and Gauntlets

To compliment her dance, and draw attention to her graceful arms, I created a pair of sleek sleeves using my signature Glove and Gauntlet. Made to measure matching accessories provide a fully custom look with elegant polish. The pattern is available for digital download from my Etsy store.

I’ve really enjoyed sharing this blast from the past.
Take care and be well in all that you do!

Dawn Devine ~ Davina
April 22, 2022

PS: Enjoy this snippet of dance I posted on Instagram of Shalimar wearing the pink and white combo.


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