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Bra-LaPalooza 2022 – Starting Today!

Hello Gang!  Spring is here and it’s time to make some belly dance costumes!

Welcome to my annual festival of costume making called “Bra-LaPalooza.” Ever since 2013, I’ve used that name for my annual spring costume build session.  This year, as I work on the next book, “Belly Dance Costume in Detail” using assiut, I’m sharing my festival of costuming with all of you!

Bra-LaPalooza: An Origin Story

The video above is the story of how my little belly dance costuming festival of one originally got its name. It was 2013 and we were at Cairo Caravan on the Queen Mary in Longbeach California.  I was working on a long-distance collaboration, vending in the dealer’s room, and planning a hit-and-run photoshoot somewhere on the ship.

Over the next two months, I’ll be sharing some of best tips for making belly dance bras.  I have 30 costumes planned for the upcoming book.  Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more Bra-LaPalooza videos.

I hope you enjoy this little storytime adventure!
Dawn Devine ~ Davina
May 2, 2022

PS:  Please click through and give my vid a thumbs up if you have a moment.  That will help me with my goal of reaching 1000 subscribers this year!


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