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Bra-LaPalooza 2022: 5 Piece Red Assiut Ensemble – Part 1

Week One:
Red 5-Piece
Assiut Ensemble

First up on the docket for Bra-LaPalooza is a 5-piece red assiut ensemble for San Francisco/Bay Area belly dancer Adriana. This head-to-toe look includes an assiut cropped top, assiut panel skirt, skirt topper, and a bra and belt set.

Re-Using a Beloved Assiut Robe

Adriana brought a much-loved open robe in need of a glow-up and a bra to use as a base. The original robe was purchased many years ago from Turquoise International.  But after hundreds of performances, it was time for this robe to evolve into a new stage of life as part of a full belly dance ensemble.

To make a new bedlah set, Adriana also sourced an Auden Sublime Bra from Target. This is a well-made bra with all the features I require to use as a belly dance costume piece. The Auden Sublime has firm foam cups with thick underwires. It’s my first time using it, I’ll report back on my full opinions when I’ve finished the transformation from lingerie to costume piece.

Assiut Shawl & Beaded Scarf

Our plan is to cut the robe into two pieces, creating a tie-top and a panel skirt. In order to make a coordinating bra and belt set, we needed to pick up a few more assiut pieces. While I had some red scraps, it was simply not enough to cover a large bra base and belt. So I went to Etsy to source materials and shopped from these three quality vendors.

Sourcing Materials and Supplies

In the community where I reside, many fabric stores have closed up shops. We’re down to only a few Jo-Ann fabrics, and one mill-end dead stock shop. Perhaps I would also include Michaels and Walmart. In order to purchase specialty fabrics and embellishments, I have to go to the internet.

Materials & Supplies list

Wanna spend your time making, rather than researching sources for materials and supplies?  Here’s what I’m using in this red project:

Thank you for using these affiliate links. These links don’t add to your expense but help support my website. I appreciate your support of my ongoing work.

Now – I’m off to the sewing room to make some more progress on this red costume!
More photos and details of this assiut costume next week.
Until then, dance well, be well,
Dawn Devine ~ Davina
May 5, 2022

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